Who We Are

The Awareness Network is an all volunteer organization. Since 1994 many caring individuals have contributed their time, services, and financial support to sustain the growth and mission of our community.
Any monies collected at our events defray the costs of our room rental, food, website and other out-of-pocket expenses.

All participants are welcome to lend a hand with
-- set-up (tables, chairs, shopping, food preparation)
-- clean-up (tables, chairs, wash dishes, vacuum)
-- greeting people and collecting fees
-- publicizing events
-- being speaker/event coordinator (scheduling, communication)
-- community development

We welcome speaker referrals please send information to Rayna Lumbard 408-605-9195

Co-Founders Since 1994
Rayna Lumbard, LMFT
Co-Founder and Host,
Program Director
Marriage and Family Therapist
Psychospiritual, Energy and Sound Healer
  Tom Dragosavac
In Memorium

Co-Founder and Past Host of The Awareness Network, Meeting and Venue Manager Massage Therapist

Organization Coordinator
Eddie Northrup
Venue Manager
TAN Treasurer
Spiritual Healer, Reiki, Avesa
Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver
Active Volunteers:

Diane Melone, M.A.
Social Events Coordinator
Counseling for Individuals,
Couples, Families

Coni Berliner
Set-up and Greeter

Spiritual Movie Night Host

Linda Johnson
Annual Camping Trip Co-Coordinator
Small Business Marketing
Pathways to Growth

Sue Orr
Healthy Chef

Members who have passed and are lovingly remembered:

Tom Dragosavac
Co-Founder and Past Host of The Awareness Network, Meeting and Venue Manager Massage Therapist

Gloria Fasano
Dedicated Volunteer and Healthy Chef
Massage Therapist, Artist

Ron Gutman
TAN Greeter and Friend of The Awareness Network

Charles "Crowman" Hawkins
Co-Host of The Awareness Network 1995-2003, Shaman, Counselor, Vision Quest Leader

Paul Reik
Friend of The Awareness Network, Creator of our Talking Stick, TAN Promotion, Musican, Gardener

Our Location:
Community of Infinite Spirit - Events Calendar, Sunday Services, Classes
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Christine Emmerling
Community of Infinite Spirit