Oct, Nov, Dec 2016

We Meet the First, Third and Fifth Thursday of Each Month 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125


Oct 6 Rachel Cooley
Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader
at East West
"Powerful Archangels"

Join Rachel Cooley to find out about the powerful and miraculous archangels and how they can assist you in your life. You will learn which archangel to call upon for specific situations when you need their help the most.

Oct 20 Klaudeen Shemirani Spiritual Life Coach for Holistic Healing
"Healing with Ceremony and Grief"

Creating ceremony and altars around our heartaches with grief is a gentle way to honor, hold and guide our holistic journey of letting go and rebirthing a new way of being and living again. Klaudeen, with a master's degree in Women's Psychology and Spirituality, will lead a session filled with the sacred. Whether we need healing of body, mind, spirit, space, or in ritual ceremony, she will guide us, as she has many, through their rites of passage and initiations into new frontiers of their lives.

Nov. 3 Dave Savedra, Angelic Gate
"Blessings, Gifts and Deeds"

Enjoy an enchanting morning of teachings from the Angels with Dave Savedra. In this talk you will hear how Angels have brought new information to balance our world. Since 1996 Dave has been under the tutorship of Joe Crane, author of 5 books based on Angel teachings he was given from the Angelic Realm. Dave continues to share Crane's work and has much to relate about his experience with the Teachings.


Nov 17 Debora Cohen, ACHP
"Energy of Joyful Transformation"

Find out about the amazing Kundalini energy and why this energy is bringing healing and transformation to not only people but to our planet. Learn the history of Kundalini, what it means and what happens when it is awakened in people. Debora will share her awakening and stories of some of her clients' awakenings. Learn different theories and approaches of working with this energy and why awakening it will bring non-dual transformation to humanity and heal the planet.

Dec 1 JoAnn Mason, Linda Bertaut, Victoria Baugh
Bowen Practitioners "Bodies Feel Better With Bowen"

Bowen is a gentle soft tissue technique that activates our "inner self healer." It is appropriate for all of us, even the elderly and colicky babies. The speakers will give us an overview of the technique as well as a demo and will show us a useful tool for use at home.

Dec. 15 TAN Holiday Party
With Cymber Quinn, Live Music & Gift Exchange
Cyber, a visionary meditation harpist, and her friends will entertain us with live music to brighten our holiday spirits. Bring a gift to share and receive one in kind. We request gifts be around $10. Enjoy Tom's famous egg nog and join the fun! Cymber weaves World, Classical, Jazz, and New Age Music to delight your soul!

Dec. 29 No Meeting
Happy New Year! 2017

PLEASE JOIN US the First, Third and Fifth Thursday of Each Month 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM for a fun, uplifting, interactive program. 
Cost is $6. Coffee and tea are served. You may
also bring some healthy finger food to share.
Networking & presentation included. 
All prior experience necessary. 

Call Eddie 408-568-2545
for more information.

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