Diane Melone, M.A.
Licensed marriage and family therapist


San Jose, California


Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families
Inner Child Integration
Relationship Concerns
E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization Process)
Unresolved Grief
Art Therapy

Diane Melone is a licensed marriage and family therapist, hypnotherapist, and coach. She is also an experienced teacher and trainer.  Diane has worked at El Camino Hospital (in Mountain View, California) with the OlderAdult Program on the psychiatric unit, and she has worked at several other hospitals with dual diagnosis patients.  She has taught classes on anger management and couples communications among others for Kaiser Medical Center, and has given trainings for MHN for many years. She taught high school for 15 years, and recently completed training as a coach.

Topics for Trainings given by Diane include:
"Communication in the Workplace"
"Stress Management"
"Grief and Loss"
"Depression and Anziety"
"EAP Benefits Program"
"Humor in the Workplace"
"Substance Abuse"
and more.

Diane is a healer who uses Eye Movement Desensitization Process (EMDR), Art Therapy, and Hypnosis to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual problems.

Contact her in San Jose for private consults and for presentations to groups.

Diane Melone, M.A.
Lic. #MFT30574
(408) 866-7946