Ron A. Gutman, 1957-2010
Ron Gutman passed away in Mountain View California Monday, May 10 2010.
Born in Stockton, California August 8, 1957. He was loved by his family and by many friends.
All knew that he always had their best interest at heart. Ronís steadfast loyalty and never-ending willingness to help defined the nature of his relationships. He graduated with honors from high school, where he played trombone in the marching and concert band. He studied electrical engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and at the beginning of the high tech revolution he began his career in the Silicon Valley. He was involved with the earliest of holography and lasers and then went on to be a Quality Engineer. He loved to take things apart and to put things together. This was the basis for his engineering success, as well as his skills for repairing cars and his talent for remodeling houses.
He went on to earn a general contractorís license and also worked in real estate. Ron was close with his family and with the many circles of friends that he established. He was so proud of his nieces and nephew and the wonderful people they are becoming. He cared about his roots and he searched deep into the universe for answers. As his body challenged him, he diligently applied all he had learned about the world around him to the world inside of him. He made it his business to rebuild his body into a new body. He overcame impossible odds to accomplish what he accomplished. Ronís love and his courage, his tenacity and his loyalty were the compass rose of his being.

Service held: May 12, 2010, Cemetery:Temple Israel Cemetery
1110 East Acacia St. Stockton, California 95205

Ron Gutman. Ronís a good friend. Everyone should have as many of these kinds of people as one can amass in a lifetime. Good friends listen to what you have to say, validate they heard it and then let you know what they think. The last part may not get through, but a friend holds to it, and does his best to get his point across. Regardless of how dense you might be in the face of this, a friend continues to listen and affirm they heard what you said. If you can do these things back at the same time... then life is good. --Bill Mundy--