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Every Thursday 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jul 7 Ellen M. Anderson, Ph.D.
"The Conscious Soul"

Know Thyself! A demonstration. The Conscious Soul is an experiential process that opens up the lines of communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious minds and body wisdom.

Jul 14 Esteban Molina, CCH
"Regression Therapy: Healing Womb Wounds"

How we are conceived, carried and birthed shapes who we are now. Regression therapy helps shift and heal these primary imprints, so we can experience a joyful life today. A short session is included.

Jul 21 Esther Ludlow, Owner, Sophia Center for Wellness
"Share Your Healing or Spiritual Message With Podcasting"

The world needs your gift of teaching or healing! With just a computer and microphone you can reach thousands of people! Esther, an Intuitive Life Coach, will show you how to create a podcast show in no time.

Jul 28 Rayna Lumbard, LMFT Psychospiritual Healer
"Dolphin Healing Adventure ~ Live Your Dreams Now!"

Join the author of "Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose," as she guides us on a journey of expansive transformation. Rayna facilitates the experience of ascension by channeling dolphin energy for healing body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Aug 4 Diane Melone
"Ireland: A Pilgrimage"

Visiting the Emerald Isle may conjure up thoughts of Druids, Goddesses, St. Patrick and four-leaf clovers. But what about a pilgrimage? Join Diane as she shares her Irish pilgrim experience and how to be a pilgrim, without a trip to Ireland.

Aug 11 Sean Michael Imler, CHt, AdvCBP, B.A.
"Shamanism, Chant, and Sacred Space"

We all want to heal—inside and out. How does the spirit realm, the use of intention through sacred words and sound and the acknowledgement of sacred space manifest a healing state? Let's play.

Aug 18 Linda Johnson, MBA, Marketing Consultant
"Your Life Stories Matter – Leaving a Lasting Legacy"

Be the change you want to see and leave a lasting legacy! Includes an update on Charles Crowman's Legacy, Linda Chanting Canary's, and yours. How do you want to be remembered? Join In this colorful & interactive presentation.


Aug 25 Joyce Pfaffle, D.S.S., M.A., Inter-faith Minister
"Spiritual Tarot: 78 Paths to Wisdom"

As a spiritual tool, Tarot expands and deepens understanding of your pathway. Bring a couple 78-card Tarot decks, if possible, so we all can unfold and explore together Tarot's wisdom and inner knowing customized to you..

Sept 1 Keith Darwin Rector - Certified Spiritual Teacher
"Attunements for Healing and Spiritual Advancement"

Keith, Spiritual Unfoldment Network teacher, will teach and demonstrate subtle energy transmission from several types of spiritual and healing systems. These attunements are drawn from Hawaiian, Tibetan, Egyptian and Taoist sources to enhance spiritual advancement..

Sept 8 Clifford "C.J." White, Marketing Consultant
"Social Media Success "

Social Media—such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—are amazing communication tools for your business. C.J. from Campbell Marketing Services will show you how to use social media to confidently improve presence and build your brand. .

Sept 15 Jessica Neideffer, Energy Worker
"Sound Healing and Toltec Wisdom"

Through becoming aware of our energy via the Four Agreements and Masteries, we can change and clear outdated patterns and via sound therapies release and re-harmonize on a cellular level. This powerful presentation also includes a short sound healing..

Sept 22 No Meeting Houseboat trip.

Sept 29 Marcia Sivek, MS, Nutritionist; BeProvided Owner
"Overcoming Depression Naturally"

Learn how to overcome depression that accompanies chronic health conditions naturally. Marcia will show how what we eat affects how we feel. She will also share her own experience with Hashimoto's, a thyroid condition. .

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All prior experience necessary. 

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