Jan. Feb. Mar. 2016

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Light Breakfast is Provided Every Week
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan 7 Salle Hayden, Poet
"Into the Light: A Journey through Poems"

Salle was mourning her mother's death when spirit called to write a poem a day for the good of the Universe. The readings are taken from that collection of a thousand poems called "Six Books in Search of a Point."

Jan 14 Karuna Chapman,
Teacher-School of Remembering
"Awakening the Illuminated Heart"
It is the heart that contains the original instructions of life, and when the heart is again in control, life responds with joy and power. Karuna will lead us to a Heart opening experience.

Jan 21 Jamie McGonagill, Certified Lightworker
"Be Who Your Soul Wants You to Be
" Via Skype, Jamie will present the Lightworkers' Healing Method® an angelically-guided, multi-dimensional energy system for spiritual growth. She will also facilitate some interactive energetic exercises from her intro class.

Jan 28 Colleen Sullivan, Psychic Counselor
"Building TAN's Mission in 2016"
Colleen will lead a highly interactive session to find & examine our spiritual community's mission and goals, similar to her business consultations. She also will do a group reading to help us align the exciting 2016 energies with TAN's goals.

Feb 4 Diane Melone, Teacher &
Spiritual Counselor
"Communication and Community"

To be in community it helps to have a common goal and for members to understand and support that goal. How does one communicate in a way that supports community, whether it is at work, home, or church?

Feb 11 Cathy Mu, Qi Gong Master
"Experience Qi Gong for Health, Wealth & Happiness"

Experience a powerful Qi Gong practice with Master Mu. Benefits include: Promoting physical & emotional health; attracting prosperity; increasing EQ & IQ; living with greater passion & deeper meaning; and aligning with Divine Energy.

Feb 18 Bonnie Bea, Theta Healing Instructor
"How to Use the Theta Brainwave for Healing"

Discover the secrets of why the Theta brainwave is so powerful and learn how to use it to create instant change in the subconscious mind so you can generate more love, health, and wealth now



Feb 25 Marie Katherine Dacanay, Spirit Medium

Katherine will speak about mediumship which is connecting with people who have crossed over. She will also enrich our understanding of guides, spirit symbols, and intuitive hits vs. imagination. As an added bonus, she will do a group reading.

Mar 3 Donna Fedor, Release Technique Teacher
"Releasing What's in the Way of Happiness & Success"
Donna will explain what the Release Technique is all about and then take a few members of the group through the process of releasing them from a difficult situation of their choice. .

Mar 10 Dr. Bhavya Theissen, Medical Anthropologist
"My Healing of Cancer with John of God"

Dr. Bhavya will give a presentation of the spiritual healing and psychic surgeries of John of God and she will relate her own healing of cancer at his center in Brazil.

Mar 17 Steve Blencoe, Magical Entertainer
"Life is Filled with Mystery"

Steve is a performing member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. He uses a blend of poetry, philosophy and magic to entertain, bringing out the 'leprechaun' within us. His wife, Trish Foley, is one of ours!

Mar 24 Cynthia Sue Larson, Author & Life Coach
"Experience the Wonders of Quantum Logic"

Scientists racing to build quantum computers are discovering nature got there first. Cynthia will discuss new findings from quantum biology, quantum cognition, cosmology and info theory and how they suggest that quantum logic is primary.

Mar 31 Val Vitols, Public Relations
All Solar Research Vessel
"The Whole Idea is to Wake Up!"

Val will challenge us to make a conscious decision to become aware of the "real universes" of true reality. He will explain why traditional or even metaphysical methods aren't necessary for this understanding.


PLEASE JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY for a fun, uplifting, interactive program. 
Cost is $8. A light, healthy hot breakfast entree is served every week.
You may bring healthy food to share.
Networking & presentation included. 
All prior experience necessary. 

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