July, Aug, Sept. 2015

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Light Breakfast is Provided Every Week
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July 2 Tamara Bell, Healer
“Creating the Life We Choose”
Together we will experience the thinning of the veil between lives. Then we will look through the eyes of our Higher Selves before we were born, being delighted to see this lifetime we are embodying in a new and more positive way.

July 9 Adam Atman L.Ac., MMQ, CMT
“Of What Am I Made?”
Learn about the five levels of human manifesting and how they are reflected and practiced in Taoist energy work, Qigong healing, acupuncture and other healing modalities.

July 16 Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., RNC, Author
Why Getting Sick is a Mistake You Can Avoid
There is no compelling reason why anyone should have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, the common cold or almost any other disease. These diseases can be prevented and reversed by learning how to maintain your body. Raymond is an internationally known expert in the field with a new book to share.

July 23  Alvaro Sanchez, Financial Freedom Father
“An Engineer’s Journey to Becoming Spiritual and Wealthy”
Learning to make money is not new. How to make money as a spiritually-connected person is both rewarding and challenging.  Come learn how to be spiritual and wealthyfrom an engineer’s journey to financial freedom

July 30  Zayra Yves, Author & Artist
“Awaken Joy, Beauty & Wisdom thru Creativity
Come together for a creative writing and mandala collage workshop. We will create micro-mandalas and use them to explore the lyrical language within.  We will also explore image mapping and journaling. 

Aug 6  Scott Grace, Transformational Troubadour
“If Dr. Seuss Got Enlightened”
Scott Grace is the spiritual Dr. Seuss for adults. His talk will rhyme your way into your heart and lift your spirits so high you won’t need a car to get to your next destination. Plan to attend Scott’s musical lovefest and concert tonight at 7:00 in South San Jose.

Aug 13 Linda Johnson-Hawkins, Soulmate of Crowman
“Blessing Charles Crowman’s Life and Yours”
It’s been five years since our beloved shaman Charles Hawkins made his transition. We will share stories and his legacy including White Buffalo Magic, his family and community connections during a heartfelt Despatio Blessing Ceremony.



Aug 20  Pat Duran, Access Consciousness® Facilitator
“Are You Getting Younger Each Day?”
Join us and discover 3 keys to getting younger as we grow older. Learn how your language influences aging, develop a collaborative relationship with your body, and begin to shift limiting beliefs around aging.

Aug 27  Michael Santos, Master Healer
“Charge Your Qi for Balance and Healing”
An interactive experience with Qigong movement and meditation to remove energetic blockages and charge your Qi (pronounced Chee). Michael will facilitate a group energy balancing.

Sept 3 Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Psychospiritual Healer& Author
“Empowering Your Divine Life Purpose”
Join TAN’s co-founder in discovering and clarifying what is “calling” you from a deep place in your heart and soul. Why are you really here? How can you best contribute to and be of service to your family, community, and the planet by being your loving, genuine self. Transform and fulfill your divine life purpose through her new book Authentic Alignment.

Sept 10  Davie Pfaffle, Oneness Blessing Giver
“Do You Feel Loved?”
Davie will invite you to learn practices that will keep us feeling loved by our Inner Guidance. He knows when we feel loved, we act lovingly. Bring your fun questions.

Sept 17  Colleen Sullivan, Intuitive
“Remembering You are Multi-Dimensional”
When psychics give a “reading” they receive information from five different dimensions. Come with a question or challenge and have fun receiving a mini-reading. Your answer comes from your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dimension. You may even get a message from your non-physical loved ones.

Sept. 24 David Ride∆ut, Money Ma$tery Mentor
“Financial Enlightenment + Empowerment for the 21st Century”
Discover what money really is and how it really works. David will share ways to reduce your income taxes, what we can do to improve The System, and why an income tax evolution is long overdue!


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You may bring healthy food to share.
Networking & presentation included. 
All prior experience necessary. 

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