April, May, June 2015

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Light Breakfast is Provided Every Week
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Apr 2 Nicola Walker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist "The Secret to Letting Go of Self Doubt"
Discover how to stop self-doubt in its tracks so as to step fully into your power. Speed up your ability to make clear decisions for success and confidently trust yourself and your value.

Apr 9 Dawn Armstrong (Jem McAfee), Author "Creepy Castles and Haunts"

Did you ever walk into a room and feel a chill run down your spine or drive by an area that raised goose bumps with no logical reason why? Before your next trip, join us for a fun and frightening overview of some haunted spaces around the globe.

Apr 16 Rena Ayeras, Soul Healer "Simple Practices That Work"

I am a soul healer and soul healing guide, certified by ISHE. Please join us to learn simple, yet effective practices to transform stress to a more balanced state.

Apr 23 Lisa Natoli, A Course in Miracles Minister, Teacher "Creating Holy Relationships"
We've all had our share of misery and suffering in relationships. Isn't it time for connections that join minds as well as hearts? Join Lisa, author of "Gorgeous for God", for this Skyped presentation that will give you the answers you are looking for.

Apr 30 Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D., "Dr. T" "Colon Cancer: A Revolutionary Approach"

Learn the real cause for colorectal cancers, why invasive and risky colonoscopies are NOT the solution, and how we can conquer this epidemic American disease. Dr. T will enlighten us on how to prevent 99% of these cancers through early and more accurate diagnosis and reverse them in the early phase.

May 7 Amrita Joy Ananda Ma, Channel/Priestess/Yogi "Heart Awakenings with Amaritha and Auralia"

Features extraterrestrial Shamanism as a Tri-unity. Via Skype, Amrita channels Amaritha and Auralia for profound wisdom, joy, humor and inspiration for the awakening of us all. Includes transmissions of light key codes and responses to questions.

May 14 Amor Luz, Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant "Akashic Records, The Book of Life"

Become aware of how you are writing your book of life every moment. YOU, alive on this planet right now, are involved in a grand play, a role of Karma, soul healing for one and all!



May 21 Stephanie Bisceglia, Wholistic Wellness Consultant "Aging & Decrepitude: Is That Really Necessary?"
Why do we age? Is "getting older" really necessary? What do our thinking/feelings/emotions have to do with aging? Is it possible to regain our health and live a passionate life?

May 28 Bill Mundy, Seeker of Truth and Social Change "Intro to the Science of Free Energy"
In this Skyped presentation, learn the basic science behind totally free-green energy, how to make it, when the proven technology was available, and what it will do to our society. Examine if you want to change the world.

June 4 Danielle Norsworthy, Oneness Trainer "Deepening Your Awareness in Everyday Interactions"
Many of us trekkers on the path are growing at a very rapid pace. Let's discuss some fun techniques and games to play to stay plugged into our deeper levels of awareness.

June 11 Phil Jacklin, Ph.D. "The Fall of Big Pharma is Coming"
Join Phil to discover two astounding realities concerning drug companies. Are they really manufacturing counterfeit research for publication in medical journals? Learn how 'outcomes research' provides us with reliable information about drugs that will hasten the fall of Pharma in the next 10 years.

June 18 Steve Smith, LMFT "Mastering the Metaphysics of Love"
How do we create relationships that uplift, foster unconditional love, and nurture our divine potential? Learn concepts and tools that you can directly apply to make your relationships "Enlightened."

June 25 Shannon Law, Six-Figure Speaking Mentor "Five Secrets of Success in Business"
Join us for this lively session where you will: Learn the secret to getting paid what you're worth; finally rid yourself of self-doubt and fear; and discover three keys to making a bigger difference in your business.


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You may bring healthy food to share.
Networking & presentation included. 
All prior experience necessary. 

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