July, Aug, Sept 2014

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July 3  Tamara Bell, Healer, Heartsong Healing
“Visiting the Other Side”
Join Tamara as she talks about her experience in ”going up" with a patient that transitioned to the other side after her last heartbeat in the acute care hospital. You will feel what it is like and may even have a fun experience.

July 10  John Hall, M.A., Author, Cancer Survivor
"Cancer Be Gone"
Join John as he shares his experiences in fully recovering for the last five years from Chronic Melanoma in the lymph system. He will discuss the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the disease and what nutrients are necessary to conquer it. His recently published book "YOU CAN Heal Your Cancer" is a great resource for anyone with cancer and their caregivers.

July 17  Todd Zimmerman, Prof. Hand Analyst, Shamanic Coach  “Life Lessons as Guardians of the Temple”
With us since birth, our fingerprints are the key that give us access to the temple within where our power resides. Learn to gain access to our full potential by learning how our fingerprints reveal life lessons and unlock secrets that enable the manifestation of our Soul’s Calling and Life Purpose.

July 24  Kamala Chandrasekhar, Oneness Facilitator
“Sacred Chambers”
A new process that represents an opening for a more direct relationship with God has been revealed to Oneness University in India. The Sacred Chambers phenomenon is a profound opportunity for communion with your Divine Self. Kamala has been doing Oneness work for the past 18 years.

July 31   Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz ~ Dynamic Stick Stretching “Stick Stretching Yoga for Total Body Fitness”
Learn and practice this revolutionary system for creating wellness and personal fitness.  Dr. Arthur has lead personal growth workshops since 1988, including Firewalking, Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, and Laughter Yoga.  He is also a practicing chiropractor in Santa Cruz.

Aug. 7  Donna Fedor, Master Results Coach, Release Technique
“Release What is in the Way of Happiness and Success”
The Release Technique is NOT a system of positive thinking or inspiration; it’s a simple technique designed to eliminate subconscious blocks and negativity.  Its effectiveness has been verified by researchers of Harvard, Columbia and UCLA. 

Aug. 14  Linda Johnson-Hawkins, Soulmate, Marketing
“Charles Crowman’s Legacy Continues”

Join our Sacred Circle to see and hear stories of our dear Shaman Charles Crowman and the Legacy he left, including the White Buffalo.  Linda, his Soulmate and Widow, shares stories of her own legacy ~ inspiring you to contemplate yours ~ starting now.




Aug. 21  Marcey Shapiro, MD. Holistic Family Medicine
“Freedom from Anxiety”
Anxiety is an epidemic in contemporary society. The journey of healing anxiety can offer a compassionate path of self exploration. Dr. Shapiro will offer variety of resources for finding peace of mind that includes kindness, self-acceptance and self-awareness. 

Aug. 28  Jon Lienert, BA, Certified Microscopy
"Live-Cell Analysis - A Window to Health"
LCA is a window to your blood system. From just a tiny drop we
see how it responds to your supplements, nutritional, and spiritual biographical practices. Jon's use of LCA validates and educates you to attain the information you need to achieve biological health.
If you want an appointment , contact Rayna 408-605-9195

Sept. 4  Yvonne Ohumukini Urness – Native Hawaiian Shaman
“Leveraging your Divine Feminine for Business Success”
Learn how to create a bigger vision for your business, how to leverage your personality type for success in business, and put into practice your goddess personality type and its unique powers, talents and gifts.

Sept 11  Bonny Wilde, Numerology with a Twist
“What Your Contract Says About Your Current Life”
Everything is encoded in your name and birthday as to why you are here this lifetime.  It shows your destiny, what your soul wants to learn, what karmic issues you want to work on, as well as your gifts and talents and health issues. Discover the aspects of personality and what you are best suited for in your career.

Sept. 18  Roger Marsh, Author, Coach, Movie Producer 
“There is a Field - Journey from Fear to Love”
What’s the shift, the breakthrough, the change that’s needed in our time? Come join the exploration as Roger shares his new social invitation and transformational project: “There is a Field.”

Sept. 25 Michael Santos,  Energetic Transformationalist
“Rainbow Heart Qigong”
Join us for a coming together of Reiki, Spring Forest Qigong, and various quantum sciences in an interactive play shop including a group energy balance. Michael is a favorite at TAN.


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