April, May, June 2014

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Hot Breakfast is Provided Every Week
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April 3  Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Chiropractor, Healer
“Wisdom of the Trees of Africa”

Ayleen, a practicing Druid, shares amazing adventures from her recent spiritual journey to Africa where she met with healers, medicine men and women. She will share healing traditions most people never witness, the energetic frequency of Africa.

April 10  Rev. Madalyn Suozzo,  Medical Intuitive
“Learning to Heal: Tap into the Energy Field Around Us”
You can access the very vibration that created us when we were in the womb. The 'Original Wave' frequency creates peace and manifestation power for the practitioner. Others benefit from the regenerative frequencies you learn to emanate.

Apr 17  Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D., Energy Medicine
"Loving Yourself into Enlightenment"
How does one neutralizing the ego, and move into bliss? When are you fully awake? Engage Robin her guides/angels in this fascinating discussion about her new book: Handbook to Heart Path, An Energy Medicine Guide. (Medium-Intuitive)

April 24  Dani Burling – Shaman Trainer; Corporate Communication Coach
“Drumming for Answers to Wholeness”
Dani will bring her Playshop to assist you to align with your dreams, increase your energy, and walk your path of purpose through drumming. She will have a few drums or you can bring your own instrument & join our drumming circle. Laugh and connect with Great Spirit to find your answers to success on many levels.

May 1  Roma Hammel, PhD, Nondual Spiritual Teacher
"Live Joyously, Experience the Radiance of Being Alive!"
Come meditate with me. Learn gentle, precise body-centered meditation practices that awaken your whole being. Feel grounded, vibrant and transparently present.

May 8 Marna Schwartz, Yoga & Health Coach
“Vibration & Wholeness”
We will explore universal toroids, merkabas, and multidimensional inquiry as it relates to visceral wellness, sensuality, and joy in community. Marna facilitates a playful sound and music experience.

May 15  Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Cetacean Energy Healer
“Bliss In and Out: The Dolphin and Whale Playground”
Awaken to a magical realm of higher consciousness, receive physical and emotional healings, and be transported to the very depths
of your soul in the dolphin and whale playground.  Get ready for a fun experience playing bubble games with human dolphins.



May 22  Linda S. Bertaut, Body Balance & Awareness
"YOUman’ Fundamentals, Cutting-Edge Biology!”
Inspired by Bruce Lipton, refreshing perspectives concerning the body’s prime directives will be shared.  ‘Current’ information in the field of biology is NOT NEW!!!  Learn TODAY what will be ‘current’ 15-20 years from NOW.

May 29  Belinda Farrell, Master Hypnotherapist
“The Power of Self-Forgiveness for Healing the Body”
Unforgiveness and unresolved negative emotions create body toxicity that slowly festers into disease. Reconnective Healing and Hawaiian Huna facilitates self-forgiveness so you can start living a life unshackled by negativity, the past, or limitations.

June 5 Jen Duchene, La Chic Soul Translator
“Success Magic in 7 Steps”
Life can be complicated! Are you exhausted from being controlled by circumstances?  Take charge of your luck and fortune with 7 steps that break through fear, shifting you from hot mess to cool confidence so you can make what YOU WANT to happen.

June 12  Suzanne Keehn and Pat Moore, Creative Health Network
"Living Love Letters to Our Planet" 
We will share our intention to be the Hub where people around the world can share their expressions of love and gratitude for All Life, and our Earth that provides it . We invite you to join us for on-going celebrations and gatherings we are calling "LIVING Love Letters to our Planet." 

June 19  Robert Perala, Author and International Speaker
“Extraterrestrials and The Divine Intelligence”
Robert shares Divine Intelligence and the discloser of Extraterrestrials. Explore the interpersonal relationship we share with: The Pleiadians, The Secrets of Life’s Continuum, The Origin of the Soul, Life Before Birth, and What Awaits Us on the Other Side!

June 26  Master Timothy Dunphy, Chi-Aura Integration
“Fusion of Heart and Soul”

Chi-Aura Integrations’ design is the fusion of our human hearts and Divine soul. As this union manifests, we express compassion, empathy, joy, and gratitude. You will learn a simple method to develop this amazing state of being.

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