Jan, Feb, Mar 2014

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Hot Breakfast is Provided Every Week
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan 2  Cynthia Sue Larson, Best-Selling Author 
"Fast Transformation through Quantum Jumping"
Cynthia, an Intuitive Life Coach, presents a new science of transformation in which we can change in an instant. Larson provides practical tools for living a happier, healthier life you can do in minutes. Get a fresh start in 2014!

Jan 9 Jeff Werner, Corporate TeamBuilder
“Build Better Teams in Collaboration”
Join us as we interactively and playfully explore Team Collaboration Tech with fun activities and play challenges promoting discussion, growth, and change! Please bring associates/friends.

Jan 16  Lynn Kirkham, Chief Inspiration Officer
“The Ultimate Ask & You Shall Receive ~ Love Your Life”
Become a conscious creator of your life and learn 5 hidden gems to change just about anything. It’s simple, fast, & fun to enter fields of new possibilities today! Lynn is the CIO of Yes, You Can Speak.

Jan 23 Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, Humanitarian ("Dr. T")
"Begin Anew with No Skin Blemishes –Wellness Secrets"
Dr. T shares his ENTIRELY NEW perspective on skin growths & blemishes - birth marks, moles, carcinoma, solar keratosis (pre-cancer), melanoma, hemangioma ("red spots"), HORMONAL skin tags, and others: Learn what you can do be free of skin problems.

Jan 30  Dr. Bill Mundy & Jeffrey Miraflor
Clairvoyant Health Engineers, Certified Hypnotherapists
“Introduction to Clairvoyant Health Engineering”
Bill and Jeff will demonstrate health improvement in minutes, enabling self-healing for incurable conditions, chronic illnesses, and mental-emotional-psychic disturbances. They collaborate with 50+ years of experience facilitating remote healing, health and growth.

Feb 6  Master Timothy Dunphy, Chi-Aura Integration
“Connect with your Divinity”
We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience. Chi-Aura Integration unites your heart with your soul, thus both realizing and integrating these aspects of our Divine and Human natures.

Feb. 13 Mary Ursettie, Law of Attraction Coach & Teacher
How to Live a More Positive Life’ We’re going to have fun practicing simple tools and techniques that you can use when you want to turn a bad day into a good day, and a good day into a better one.




 Feb. 20 Carolyn CJ Jones, Forgiveness Coach
The Art of Becoming Empowered Through Forgiveness”
Forgiveness sets your soul free. Carolyn will teach you her four-key process to healing the pain of carrying grudges and being unforgiving. This empowers you to live with peace and freedom.

Feb. 27 Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, Ayurvedic Doctor & Author 
“Natural Healing ~ Ayurvedic Foods, Herbs & Lifestyle”
Discover your unique Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type as discussed by Dr. Oz and Dr. Chopra. Achieve optimal body-mind-wellness through natural nutrition, healing herbs, vitamins, gentle detoxification, exercise, yoga, meditation, and easy daily routines.

March 6  Lauren Hoover-West, Healthy Chef
“Chocolate Making Class”
You will learn how to make a Dairy-free Chocolate Ganache that can be used for 3 other recipes. We will make Chocolate Fondue and Truffles. Lauren will discuss dairy alternatives. Her Biscotti, Truffles and DVD will be for sale. 

March 13 Linda Crouse, Founder of Personal Best Health
“Peer Into Your DNA and Do Something About It!”
Tiny variations in your DNA can profoundly affect your health and your ability to age well. We will explore this exciting new world of genetics and see how you can use its power for wellness.

Mar 20  Linda Lenore, Feng Shui Master/Spiritual Designer
“Places of Power and Peace”
Discover how to create a home environment that both stimulates
success & soothes the soul. Using Feng Shui & other ancient prin-
ciples, learn to support, protect & energize your body, mind & spirit.

March 27  Dr. Brad West, ND
“Eating&Fasting, Detoxify,Balance Blood Sugar& Health"
Dr. Brad, our own local naturopathic physician, will discuss and answer questions regarding detox diets, fasting for health and reversing diabetes and disease.

PLEASE JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY for a fun, uplifting, interactive program.  Cost is $8 ~ You may bring healthy food to share; networking & presentation included.  All prior experiences necessary.  Call 408-264-1768 for info.

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