April, May, June 2013

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April 4 Ana Maria Sanchez, Empowerment Counselor/ Author "The Power of Self Love"
Ana Maria will discuss her recent visit to The United Nations where she was invited to speak as a delegate against domestic violence. She is a survivor and will share the tools that empowered her to become who she is today.

April 11 Heather Ribbs, Sound/Energy Channel, Reiki Master “Meditation in our Modern World”
Learn how to use meditation techniques to achieve deeper heart connection and integration of the Higher Self. Recent research on the brain verifies that meditation affects states of consciousness as well as physical, emotional and mental health.

April 18 Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Psychospiritual Healer “Deepening Your Passion with Dolphins and Whales”
Rayna and her husband Marvin share their amazing heart-opening & soul-deepening journey of transformation swimming with dolphins & connecting with whales and other high vibrational beings in Hawaii. Join us for this audio-visual delight to raise your relationship bliss.

April 25 Elka Eastly Vera, M.A., Spiritual Coach and Author “Poetics of Spiritual Practice: Open UP Your Creative Doorway”
Your spirituality opens you to infinite creativity and vice versa. Come play in a magical space where spiritual practice meets poetry. This presentation will be fun, uplifting, and engaging whether you think of yourself as creative or not.

May 2 Michelle Martinez Hayward , Educator "Boost Your Brain Power and Life"
You will learn techniques to stimulate lymphatic drainage & increase the efficiency of the immune system for healthy longevity. With Michelle's enthusiastic teaching style, you will improve your mind / body connection using breaths from yoga and the Chi of Tai Chi.

May 9 Johanna Lyman, Spiritual Love Coach, Author “There’s Nothing Wrong With You”
Johanna will help you unravel the stories keeping you small and “safe,” and fully step into your soul’s purpose. Understand that imperfect doesn’t mean not good enough. Remember: God doesn’t make mistakes! Johanna is passionate about helping people reveal and share their unique gifts with the world.

May 16 Dr. Lisa Chu, Musician, Life Coach, Sound Healing Artist “Learning To Play the Wrong Note: Sound Can Heal & Liberate"
Johanna Lisa will share her amazing story of discovering the healing power of sound. Trained in classical violin & piano from age 3, and a medical school graduate, she now helps adults create more of what they want in their lives.


May 23 Mary Crocker Cook. D.Min., LMFT, CADCII"Setting Boundaries that Work and Empower Our Lives“
Let’s have a lively conversation about challenges we face in setting boundaries in the relationships that matter to us! We will exchange ideas and insights to hopefully ease this process for you now and in the future.:

May 3 Rev. Karen Haughey, Minister & Angel Artist “Manifesting Thoughts into Reality—My Story and Yours" Karen will facilitate a lively personal discussion on how we manifest our desires into reality through the art of believing, affirming, and declaring what we truly want. She shifted her life from working in corporate to becoming an angel artist and manifesting powerful people on her spiritual path to success.

June 6 Phil Jacklin Ph.D., Former Pres. Smart Life Forum. "The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why this book is Wonderful"
This book researches the truth about cholesterol, what diet really works and the statin drug scam making pharmaceutical companies richer. This is a must read expose of mainstream medicine and its corruption by the drug industry.

June 13 Jim Mulvaney, FT, Dir. Training & Education, KARA “The Healing Journey of Grief”

An exploration into the grief experience, its spiritual dimensions and path to healing. How can we help ourselves and others going through grief and personal loss? What support is available from Kara? Since 2002 Jim has been a grief counselor, facilitator and director of Kara services for adults.

June 20 Patricia Angelina, CMT, Rosen Practitioner “Rosen Method Bodywork – Come Home to Yourself”
Experience deep relaxation and awareness through BEING, not doing, LETTING GO, ALLOWING and ACCEPTING. “This work is about transformation – from the person we think we are to the person we really are.” – Marion Rosen

June 27 Dr. Charles Crowder, Holistic Chiropractor “Moving Forward with Powerful Intentions”
Discover the need for and elements involved in setting meaningful, powerful goals or intentions. Dr. Crowder will teach you simple ways to identify, set, and align your life toward these intentions. He has extensive experience in Kinesiology as well as Chiropractic Healing.

PLEASE JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY for a fun, informative session. Cost is $8, includes healthy breakfast, networking, & presentation. All prior experiences necessary. Call 408-264-1768 for more information.