Jan., Feb., Mar. 2013

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan.   3   Cynthia Sue Larson, Best-Selling Author
"Shifting Reality in the Fifth World"
Cynthia, a gifted Spiritual Life Coach shares reality shifting insights for this Great Shift as the Fifth World begins, calling us toward greater unity. Achieve harmony through deep listening, simplicity and open-heartedness.

Jan.   10   Alexsandra (Kika) Marianetti, Tantrika
"Become a Great Lover! Tantra for Beginners"
Love the divinity you are at your core while increasing your capacity to love and receive love in return! Let go of old ways of seeing yourself to reveal the path to a higher vision that your spirit already knows!

Jan.   17   Danni Burton, Communications Mentor
"Letting Go of the Old, Making Room for the New?"
What are the words, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors we could "write off" as we move into the New Year and New Age? In a fun way Danni asks, "What 3 words transform relationships, increase confidence and change our minds for GOOD?"

Jan.    24   Karie Hillery, International Recording Artist
"From There to Hear; My Musical Journey"
Karie shares her musical journey from child performer to accomplished songwriter and performer, from LA to Europe, and how that journey continually inspires her to create and produce heart opening, original "conscious" music that heal audiences.

Jan.   31   Rev. Madalyn Suozzo, Medical Intuitive __(Click For More Information)
"Epigenetics, Healing and the Reversal of Disease"
Genetic expressions fluctuate constantly through changes in consciousness. Learn about epigenetics in disease reversal & brain balancing; and its role in healing cancer. Madalyn teaches us practical exercises to enhance our intuitive healing abilities.

Feb.   7   Michael Nisley, Sound Healer
"Vibrational Medicine"
Sound healing is a spiritual practice based on the reality that vibration is the fundamental creative force in the Universe. Come experience sound as a way to harness your creativity, imagination & innate healing powers.

Johanna Lyman, Author/Spiritual Love Coach
"Relationship 911: Diagnose the Health of Your Relationship"
Learn about three relationship dynamics that cause dis-ease in love. Identify the symptoms of dis-ease in your own relationship and learn how to cure the symptoms before they can destroy your "happily ever after."

         Feb.   21   Jeff Werner & Dave Gardner, Business Experts
"Maximizing Your Connection with Clients & Prospects"
People care more about your intentions, the 'why' you do it than what you do in business and life. Learn how communicating your deeper Self opens new possibilities & exponentially increases your passion & income from spiritual and business perspectives.

Feb.   28   Birgitte Rasine, Chief Evolution Officer, Lucita, Inc.
"The Sanctity of Time: The Wisdom of the Mayan Calendar"
Learn to live in concert with the sacred, natural time measured by the Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar. Birgitte, author of The Serpent and The Jaguar, shows us how to align this ancient calendar with sustainability, wellbeing and our role as stewards of the Earth.

Mar.  7   Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Chiropractor, Author
"Terragetics: Discovering Healing Resonance"
In her latest book Frequencies for the Healer, Dr. Ayleen introduces a healing tool to achieve resonance with the recipient. Discover how to be an energetic healer for ourselves and others through the transformative power of Frequency Matching.

Mar.  14   Diana Estrada
"Shamelessly Dress up and Show up for YOUR Life"
What were the divine qualities you expressed as a child? How did you behave, dress, and speak? Diana will give you her best tips and secrets to recreate your remarkable, Rich Authentic Wo(Man) RAW image. You are invited to wear your favorite shade of red lipstick and express yourself!

Mar.  21   Lynetta Denniston, Talking Trees
"Talking Trees"
Join Lynetta as she takes us on adventure to a live tree at Divine Science to discover the name of the tree and what wisdom he/she is communicating to us. Connecting with tree & earth energy brings us great wisdom, love, peace and deep joy.

March 28 Paul Barbano, Researcher & Healer "Circle of Real Healing- A Mini Workshop"
This is an audience participation event immersing you into real healing exercises giving you the confidence to do the same in your life. Learn new ground breaking material! Everyone who shows up will be worked on! Bring your friends!

PLEASE JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY for a fun, informative session. Cost is $8, includes healthy breakfast, networking, & presentation. All prior experiences necessary. Call 408-264-1768 for more information. Subscribe@TheAwarenessNetwork.org