Oct., Nov., Dec. 2012

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Oct.   4   Marilyn Atteberry, Licensed Avatar Master
"Keeping Our Promise to Improve the World"
Could it be WE are Humanity's "Ace in the Hole?" Can we contribute to the SHIFT by simply optimizing our ability to Pay Attention? Explore how we can help Mother Nature accelerate evolutionary consciousness!

Oct.   11   Shannon Law, Client Attraction Specialist
"Attracting Clients Without Struggle"
For you holistic practitioners, coaches & heart-based entrepreneurs. Learn secrets to attracting more clients and referrals with ease. Fill your practice, reach more people and make more money...without burning out!

Oct.   18   Barbara Deutsch, Intuitive Consultant, Environmental Healer
"Electromagnetic Fields-What You Need to Know"
Learn what the government isn't telling you about EMF's in your home and work environments, how EMF's negatively impact your health, and how to be safe. Bring your laptop or cell phone to get it meter tested for electromagnetic output.

Oct.    25   Lynn Hawkins, Biz Coach, NLP/EFT
"Live Your Purpose, Do the Work You Love"
Lynn will help you learn to use intention & energy to move from pain into purpose. You will experience unblocking your abundance to gain clarity, wisdom and power when your intuitive and logical selves collaborate.

Nov.   1   Robert Perala, Inspirational Speaker
"Extraterrestrials, 2012, and Beyond"
Join Robert, internationally acclaimed author, to explore the interpersonal relationships we share with Extraterrestrials, Transitioned Souls, Personal Guides, The Mysteries of The Pleiadians, The Origin of the Soul, Dreamtime Visitations, The Moon Matrix, Life Before Birth, Life After Death and more...

Nov.   8   Dave & Brian Savedra, Angelic Gate
"Creating an Angel Gathering"
Come learn about how you can attend and hold an Angel Gathering. The angels taught us to gather together as one. Learn to commune with the angels and feel their energy. They want to connect with you!

         Nov.   15   Sally Page-Avesa Quantum Healing Instructor ~ World Awakening Vibrations
"The Co-Creative Expansion of Crystalline Light"
The Avesa breath ignites your infinite power of love with crystalline light. Experience the Oneness with an authentic Egyptian Healing Rods Circle, crystal bowls, & the presence of the Angels & Avesa Masters.

Nov.   22   Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week.

Nov.   29   Dawn Armstrong, Author
"10 Tips To Triumph Over Tragedy"
Dawn shares strategies for transforming devastating events, such as, divorce, job loss, illness, grief into new beginnings. Learn how to shift from survive to thrive in as little as 90 days.

Dec.  6   Roger Kenneth Marsh, Founder of IDEAL
"It's Time to Align"
There is a critical skill we must develop to successfully navigate the nature of our time. Come explore this skill at the core of The One Practice and The Institute of Divine Energy Alignment and Living (IDEAL).

Dec.  13   Daryl Lowery, Bandleader of Recording Artists "Guided Tour"
"Creating/Writing Improvisational Music"
Bring your drums and other instruments and join Daryl and his bandmates as we all jam together. Create heart opening musical moments that you will totally enjoy. Open your creative channels to "download" your own songs to transform and lift you up!

Dec.  20   TAN's Christmas Celebration!
"You are the Present and the Presentation"
Celebrate the holidays with your spiritual family & share gifts of the heart for health and healing! Give a gift and receive a gift - a service, food item, etc. Sip Tom's famous eggnog as you share the joys of this year and your intentions for 2013!

PLEASE JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY for a fun, informative session. Cost is $8, includes healthy breakfast, networking, & presentation. All prior experiences necessary. Call 408-264-1768 for more information. Subscribe@TheAwarenessNetwork.org .