July, Aug., Sept.2012

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 10:45 AM.
Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July   5   Scott Catamas, Master Love Coach
ComPASSIONate Connections"
Scott will present The Seven Adjustments that shift relationships from disharmony into harmony. Scott has led over 500 classes, events & workshops throughout the world. Scott is fun, dynamic, informative and inspiring!

July   ;12   Scott Kalechstein Grace, Troubadour & Author
"If Dr. Seuss Got Enlightened"
Scott shares his Dr. Seuss style poems, teachings gift-wrapped in breathtaking musical entertainment designed to awaken consciousness. Imagine an enlightened Dr. Seuss turning his gifts towards adults! See for yourself!

July   19   Timothy Dunphy, Founder of Chi-Aura Integration
"Raising Your Vibrational Level"
A wizard at removing a person's blocked energy, Master Timothy will demonstrate techniques to raise your vibration for personal healing and increase your effectiveness with clients. The Earth's energy is transformed and returned as healing light and love.

July    26   Amishi Natani, Certified Physician Assistant
"Heal Thy Self: Homeopathy, Emotions and Spirituality"
Understand how Homeopathy heals negative emotions and thus eliminates disease. Learn how Homeopathy heals the spirit and opens the door to experiencing the unboundedness of spirituality.

Aug.   2   Linda S. Bertaut, Advanced Bowenwork® Practitioner
"Head toToes -- What's Going on with ME?"
If you have unexplained aches-pains-discomfort ANYWHERE, any health issues you don't understand, or a chronic condition that simply won't go away, come expand your 'Anatomy Paradigm!' Discover some of the most interesting facts about YOU!

Aug.   9   Michael McDonough, Financial Consultant
"Sensational Success in 4 Words or Less"
Discover the 3 characteristics required for success and how they can be acquired. An accomplished artist, author and dynamic keynote speaker, Michael McDonough has helped business leaders find financial solutions to both business and individual challenges.

Aug.   16   Linda Johnson, Soul Mate & Widow of Charles Crowman, Marketing Consultant
"Creating Impact –The Life of a Shaman & Healer"
Do you make a lasting impact on those around you? What are you doing to make a difference? Learn about Charles Crowman's model for change and the legacy he's left to make a positive impact.
       Aug.   23   Satya Shiva and Aruna Rigdzin, Directors of School of Yogic Buddhism & Yogic Medicine Institute
"Healing and Vibrant Living with Yogic Medicine"
Discover simple & effective tools to transform your life using methods practiced for over 2500 years. Learn to live a sane, balanced & joyous life with traditional Ayurvedic, Himalayan wisdom & modern science.

Aug.   30   Scott H.Rowe, LAc.
"Branches of Oriental Medicine: Intro to (Qi Gong)"
Oriental medicine has many pathways to maximize health and human potential. Join Scott to discuss (Qi Gong) and its potential for increasing health and fitness. Please be prepared for gentle movement.

Sept.   6   Lauren Hoover-West, Chef & Author
"Hidden Sources of Gluten and Dairy"
Gluten and dairy sensitivity expert and former Presidential Chef, Lauren will tell about signs, symptoms, hidden sources and new testing available. Lauren will also share a treat from her cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem!

Sept.   13   Mary Ursettie, Life Coach, Astrologer, Teacher
"The Astrology of 2012-15: The Evolution of the 1960's"
The 7 passages of Uranus/Pluto in 2012-15 herald changes even bigger than those of the 1960's. Join us to contribute your predictions for a better world. Mary has been a professional astrologer for 18 years.

Sept.   20    Lisa Smith, Shamamamma
"Creating an Ancestor Altar to Leave Your Legacy Behind"
Learn how to create an Ancestor Altar to connect on a deeper level. Let's build our connections to our past, present and future. Please bring photos of ancestors, fabric, a journal and a candle for this fun and enlightening experiential exercise.

Sept.   27   Deborah Mathis, DVM, CVA
"Five Branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine"
Your furry friends will thank you for coming. Dr. Mathias, working with veterinary specialists will use Five Element Theory, the five branches of TCVM in relationship to your pet's health.

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