Jan, Feb, Mar 2012

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 10:45 AM.
Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan. 5     Jeff Werner, Edu-tainer
“Recharging your Battery"
Happy ReNEW Year! Create your “Sustainable Passion Initiative for 2012” and invest in your abundant divine $ucce$$ energy bank! Align your creative Imagineering Network Team to attract what you love into your life!

Jan. 12     Daryl Lowery, Recording Artist, Musician
“Sacred Musical Improv”
Daryl will lead the group through improvisational music pieces within a sacred container. Tap into The Group Heart Chakra, & uncover gifts the creator wishes shared today. Daryl brings drums and rhythm instruments. Bring yours.

Jan.19     Christine Rosche, MPH, Biofeedback
“Boost Your Health with HeartMath™”
Learn about Heart Rate Variability Testing and tools to increase your immunity. Reduce cortisol and other stress hormones to reverse its effects on your body, improving all aspects of your health in 10 minutes.

Jan. 26     Rossella Derrickson, Corporate Coach
“Intuition, Taking Your Life to the Next Levelt”
Learn new ways to trust and work intuitively to access your wisdom on purpose and be powerfully inspired. Rosssella shares current thinking in neuro-science and how the “language of intuition” helps you live at higher levels.

Feb. 2      Ingrid A. Foster, Angel Therapy Practitioner
“Angels, Energy and Sound”
Join Rev. Ingrid Foster & her Angelic Singing Bowls for a morning of Divine healing through angelic guidance. Ingrid is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Sound Healer whose artistry with Energy and Sound is profound.

Feb. 9     Tish Foss, Founder of Our Sacred Space
“Discovering Your Loving, Essence Self”
Tish will help you connect with your deeper and higher Self. Discover your BEAUTIFUL process of getting out of your own way, allowing LOVE, SELF ACCEPTANCE, & FORGIVENESS to take place.

Feb. 16     Tomasa Macapinlac, Dipl ABT(NCCAOM)
“Secrets to Sustainable Vibrant Energyr”
Learn simple tools to tap into boundless energy & clear focus for sustained business success. Play fullout, melt the emotional baggage, and keep your reserves replenished by de-stressing to sustain your vibrant ENERGY.



Feb. 23     Norbeth Granado
“The Spirit of Music””
Come and join me for a delightful spiritual journey into the artists and songs of today and yesteryears that have truly attempted to capture the essence of sound healing using rhythm and verse.

Mar. 1     Stephanie Beeby, MS, Business Strategist
“Create a Thriving Business, Do What You LOVE”
Bring your business purpose to life by letting go of the belief that you have to do it all by yourself. Gain clarity while collaborating with others to bring your purpose to action. Combine the strategic & logical with the intuitive.

Mar. 8      Elka Eastly Vera, MA, CCHT, Author
“Oracles, Spiritual Guidance and Self-Awareness”
Whether it’s a simple coin toss or a complex deck of Tarot cards, an oracle offers guidance and a mirror for self-awareness. Elka, the creator of Seeds of Wisdom, will play with your intuition to discover the oracle in you.

Mar. 15    Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart, D.C.
“Stress, Health and Happiness”
Stress is also known as the “silent killer” and is the # 1 trigger to heart attack. Heart attacks kill more Americans than any other disease. Learn how to take the necessary steps to prevent a heart attack and heart disease overall.

Mar. 22     Linda Lawler, Gaia Earth Treasures
“New Crystal Awareness”
Learn the science & metaphysics of quartz crystal with Linda Lawler. Experience her exquisite collection of master crystals. Crystals are in service to you, as you are in service to others. Renew your relations with the crystalline realm!

Mar. 29     Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Therapist/Healer
“Dolphins, 11-11-11 & Whale Code Activations”
Rayna will share her 11-11-11 transformational journey with the dolphins in Hawaii . Experience a sacred Lemurian Ascension Ceremony to activate the Atlantean Temple Crystals and the new whale codes within you.

$8 Light breakfast included.
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