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Community of Infinite Spirit
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Oct 6   Dr. Juan-Carlos Portillo, Nutritionist
"Eating Well is Important, Digesting Well is Paramount!"
Today we are more aware of the importance of a good diet, but may not know what foods are best to nurture our bodies or how well we are digesting them. Dr. Portillo will assess what is proper digestion and show us how to nourish stressed tissues to restore health, balance & vitality.

Oct. 13   Alexsandra (Kika) Marianetti, Tantrika
"Making Love to Yourself as a Prayer"

What is sacred sexuality? In this fun and dynamic talk you will learn to love and respect yourself while honoring your desires and needs. Setting a sacred intention and making love to yourself as a prayer are wonderful, potent rituals that deeply fill you to truly know yourself

Oct 20   Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart, DC
"Stress, Health, and Happiness"
Are you ready to give yourself some love today? Ana Maria, Stress is also known as the “Silent Killer.” It is the number one trigger causing heart attacks that kill more Americans in the United States than any other disease. Learn how to avoid the initial start of a heart attack and heart disease overall with this all important lecture.

Oct 27  Sandy Kamiak, M.D., Homeopathic &
Transpersonal Physician/Therapist
Interconnected in the Creator’s Universe;
Personal and Planetary Transformation Now Side"

Join us for an overview of Dr. Kamiak’s new book written to assist humanity at this joyful and auspicious time of transition into a new dimension in consciousness, in harmony with our planet Earth and the galaxy. Dr. Kamiak is an enlightening presenter and practitioner in Saratoga

Nov. 3   Michelle Martinez Hayward, Educator
"Allay Alzheimer’s, Delay Dementia"

You will learn techniques to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase the efficiency of the immune system for healthy longevity. With Michelle's enthusiastic teaching style, you will improve your mind / body connection using breaths from yoga and the Chi of Tai Chi.  

Nov. 10  Jason Levitt, Dream Expert, Healer
"Intentional Dreaming: Practical & Spiritual Benefits"

Learn the essentials of setting dream intentions and discover or deepen your understanding of how this practice also directly benefits your waking life. Jason, a motivational whisperer, teaches dreaming as a skill-set, whether you remember your dreams or not.

Nov. 17  Therese Caveney, MFT, Author
"Living Your Vision for Relationship Fulfillment "

A moment of inspiration brought about the unique model and process shared in this presentation. Therese will share insights that can turn obstacles into opportunities to co-create fulfilling relationships that honor each partner’s need for connection and individuality.

Nov 24  Happy Thanksgiving! - No meeting.

Dec. 1  John Hall, MFT, Author
"Beating Cancer Can Be FUN"

John, diagnosed with chronic Level IV melanoma, would have died years ago if he hadn’t rebuilt his immune system through healthy nutrition. Today he is studying to become a nutritional consultant. Hear his story of evidence-based nutrition and his holistic approach to overcome cancers.

Dec. 8  Phil Jacklin, PhD, Founder of the OWL Coop
"Vitality and Higher Consciousness"
Higher consciousness is easiest to sustain when our light is burning brightly. How well our bodies generate energy/ vitality depends on our biochemistry. Enjoy a stimulating discussion in how to increase our energy with ALC, ALA, CoQ10, thyroid hormone, coconut oil, and dopamine supporters like deprenyl.  

Dec. 15 Dawn Armstong, Author
"MUSE TO MONEY: Go from Brainstorm to Bestseller in 6-9 "

Got a great idea brewing and a burning desire to turn it into a marketable product? Start with a book! Author and entrepreneur, Dawn Armstrong, will give you an overview of how to go from Brainstorm to Bestseller in 6-9 days/weeks/months, depending on where you are in your creative process.

Dec. 22  TAN’s Giving and Receiving Celebration!
"You are the Present and the Presentation"

Celebrate the holidays with your spiritual family & share gifts of the heart for health and healing! Give a gift and receive a gift. Suggestions: A gift certificate for a massage or a healthy food item. Sip Tom’s famous eggnog as you share the joys of this year and your intentions for 2012!

$8 Light breakfast included.
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