July, Aug, Sept 2011

Every Thursday 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.
Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July 7     Paul Barbaro, Body-Energy Healer
"Dynamic Healing Demonstration"
Watch pain be erased before your eyes. Paul includes the role of spiritual guides and the ancestors' role in healing. Learn simple techniques to rapidly resolve pain. Paul is an experienced healer and author. Don't miss it!

July 14     Nicola Walker, Inner Happiness Coaching
"Partner with Your Inner Wisdom Daily"
Nicola created the Inner Listening Skills™ focusing process for greater fulfillment, happiness and success. Your inner wisdom can support you through professional and personal challenges, and guides your divine purpose.

July 21     Steve Smith, LMFT
"The Enlightened Relationship"
We will explore the new relationship paradigm emerging in the 21st century, characterized by unconditional love, self-empowerment, and joy. It includes an understanding of how we affect each other at the energetic level.

July 28     Lin Evola, Art of Peace Charitable Trust
"Peace Angels – From Arms to Art"
Lin Evola, an international artist, will discuss the impact of violence in our society and her Peace Angel Project's mission to prevent and eradicate weapons through The Art of Peace Charitable Trust. Discover practical ways you can support non-violence to foster peace in our lifetime.

August 4      Roger Marsh, MBA, Spiritual Life Coach
"Major Good Mojo-Keys they don't Teach in School"
What are the keys to living a powerful and fulfilling life? What are the underlying struggles, suffering, and dis-ease in the world today? Explore these questions. Roger guarantees a spiritual experience for everyone!

Aug 11     Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Energetic Healer
"Indigenous Healing Techniques"
Deeply connected to Earth magic and Druidic traditions since childhood, Dr. Ayleen has studied several indigenous spiritual and healing traditions. She blends these into chiropractic, massage and energetic healing.

Aug 18     Linda Johnson, MBA, Marketing Consultant
"Legacy of Charles Crowman –A Spiritual Warrior"
Crowman helped to establish and grow The Awareness Network we know & love. Learn about his inspired leadership to grow himself and others through Vision Quests & the birth of Miracle the White Buffalo.
         Aug 25     Tim J. Emert, Shaman
"Shamanic Dreamwork & Integrational Healing"
Join us to learn and practice the keys to soul retrieval through shamanic dreamwork. Tim J.Emert is of the Morongo Band Cahuilla Mission Indians. He directs The Knights of Eros Program; & is Co-Director of The Sexual Healing Mysteries of Isis & Osiris, dedicated to the balance of the masculine/feminine within and without.

Sept 1     Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA/Spiritual Life Coach
"Reality Shifting: Surfing the Holographic Multiverse"
What do dead people alive again, lost socks, missing keys, instantaneous healings and time loops have in common? Explore the mind-blowing world of reality shifts.

September 8      Diane Melone
"Vision Quest"
Do you trust your inner guidance? Are taking risks difficult? Come and hear my adventures of stepping into the unknown. My quest of connecting with my Higher Power.

Sept 15     Al Lampell, A Course in Miracles Teacher
"Do You Know What is Best For You?"
Pain and fear based thoughts do not come from people, places or events, but from our interpretation of those people, places, or events. Al will show us how to replace fear based thoughts and judgments with loving thoughts that transform our lives and the world.

Sept 22     Rich D. Rios, Professional Hypnotherapist
"Hypnotherapy and The Mastery of Self"
Rich will provide an exciting, fun and interactive presentation on the subject of Hypnotherapy- its past, its present, and its future! Hypnotherapy elevates the mind, body and consciousness higher- transforming you into the human you were always meant to be!

September 29     Karen M. Haughey, Minister
"Life Strategies and Intentions"
During this workshop you will experience powerful, interactive exercises that will give you better self awareness and a deeper understanding regarding your personal life intentions. What we invision for ourselves can be manifested into reality.

$8 Light breakfast included.
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