April, May, June 2013

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April 7   Clyde Lerner, founder ITM Computing
"Self-Marketing your Business on the Web"
Learn about self-marketing on the web, using Facebook, Yelp and web sites. This includes web design ideas. Find out tips on updating web sites.

April 14   Brad West, ND
"Fasting, Nature's Healthy and Spiritual Panacea"

Dr. Brad, a naturopathic and hygienic-trained physician, will discuss fasting for spirituality, detoxification, GI and liver health, as well as to re-balance hormones, improve immunity, prevent and cure chronic disease and allergies.

April 21   Ana Maria Sanchez, MS
"Love Yourself, Heal Your Life"
Are you ready to give yourself some love today? Ana Maria, Holistic Counselor, founder of Free the Light Within, will lead us through a series of interactive exercises that will remind each one of us of the beauty that lies within.

April 28  Brian Rainie, Intuitive Methodologies
"Embracing Your Intuitive Side"

Join us to find out how intuitive you already are. Brian will show you how to remove your blocks which isolate you from your intuitive side. Discover how powerful you are and how to use these skills in your everyday life.

May 5   Reba Vanderpool, The Visionary Edge
"Films for Transformation and Awakening"

Reba walks with spirit, balancing visionary insight with practical action. She has a mission of transforming the world through film, to open hearts and change minds. Learn how films can inform, inspire and empower us to create a wiser, sustainable and more compassionate world  

May 12  Dr. Jonathan Studer, Chiropractor
"The Universe Inside our Digestive Tracts"

Dr. Studer, a practicing chiropractor for 24 years, will speak on our amazing digestive tracts and bacteria inside and outside of our bodies. You will also learn about the benefits of good probiotics. Discover some recent findings on myofascial therapy..

May 19  Gloria Fasano, Holistic Educator
"Transitional Foods "

Gloria will share how making foods for transition is fun and enjoyable. You will learn how to do the same.

May 26 Francesca Gentille, SSC, Life Dance Center
"Cross Cultural Shamanism & Relational Healing "

Around the world indigenous cultures had techniques that brought harmony to their world. Discover if you are already a shaman, what culture you resonate with, and a simple practice that restores connection.

June 2  John Flavin, Lic. Acupuncturist
"Kabalah & the Western Mystery Tradition"
Discover the difference between Kabalah and Qabalah, as John leads an exploration of the history and techniques of Western Mysticism. You will have an opportunity to have a personal experience.

June 9  Ritch Davidson, MA
"Humor, Communications and Having Fun"
Ritch Davidson, Playfair’s Vice Emperor, says there’s a clear connection between good humor, good health and good business. Laughter bolsters the immune system, enhances creativity and strengthens rapport with co-workers. Come prepared for fun!  

June 16 Phil Caylor, Lic. Acupuncturist
"7 Secrets to a Happy Healthy Prosperous Life"
Stressed? Anxious? Tired? Not getting what you want? Learn from Phil Caylor's 40 years experience as a health provider. He will include information on acupressure, qi gong, and divine science.

June 23  Sarah Astarte, PhD Inner Spirit Guidance
"Indigenous Wisdom: Earth-Based Spirituality"
Earth-based spirituality includes ones’ connection to all living things, including the Divine. We will explore contemporary earth-based and magical traditions. A short ritual for blessings will be included.

June 30  Michael Santos, Reiki Master
"Matrix Energetics; Art of Transformation"
Michael, the founder of Innerqiworks Healing Arts Center, says “Everything is energy”. Using quantum technology, learn to transform yours and others in ways that will blow your mind! Come play in the Matrix.

$8 Light breakfast included.
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