Jan,Feb.Mar. 2011

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan. 6   Dr Tim O'Shea
"The New Flu Shot: Why This Problem Vaccine?"
Learn why there are more reactions to this year's flu shot than ever before, and why many countries are outlawing it. What reactions your child may expect and why it doesn't offer real protection from anything.

Jan. 13   Mehdi Ghafourifar, Social Innovator
"The Case for Optimism in the 21st Century"

Mehdi, author of the newly published, Univetica: Compelling Change, discusses a new set of universal ethics for today's interconnected world, humanity 2.0 and how we can help create a thriving global community.

Jan. 20   Linda S. Bertaut, Bowenwork Practitioner
"21st Century Pain Relief for 21st Century Distress"
Linda will share information about Bowenwork, offer FREE demos for those suffering from chronic pain issues, stress, and tension, and offer an overview about Postural deviation, assessment, and correction.

Jan. 27  Deborah Cohen, Yoga Instructor
"Chakra Clearing and Balancing"

The spine and chakras vibrate at different frequencies. Learn how to energize and balance the chakras and the human energy field to deal with life challenges and live more whole, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Feb. 3   David Kamnitzer
"Seven Secrets: Joyfully Make the Difference"
Join Dr. David Kamnitzer as he helps us focus on seven key areas of truly successful living that are easy to implement and have the potential to make an immediate difference in the quality of your life experience.  

Feb. 10  Elizabeth Diamond
"7 Mindsets to Master Self Awareness"

< b>Awaken your awareness to the positive mindsets that build a solid foundation for lasting states of inner peace, joy, and a deep love for life to exist in every arena.

Feb. 17  Victoria Swan, Soul Healing
"Soul Conferencing for Love, Peace & Harmony "

< b>Meeting Soul-to-Soul before meeting in person will bring more love, peace, harmony and mutual understanding to your interactions with family members, clients, and any group gathering - without even knowing who they will be.

Feb. 24 Marilyn Atteberry, Avatar Master
"The Avatar Course: Windows to Consciousness"

Explore the Avatar® Course, a set of tools you can use to remodel the blueprint creating your life! Meet creator Harry Palmer via a DVD address he delivered to one of the advanced courses.

Mar. 3  Tushti Conti, Registered Yoga Teacher
"Raja Yoga
Tushti Conti, Dir. of the Ananda Yoga Center and long-time meditation teacher, shares her experiential program that brings together the art and science of Raja Yoga and meditation practiced by the ancient rishis of India.

Mar. 10  Judy Peebles, The Journaling Jenius™
"Master Your Money Matters"
You may be making decisions regarding your money matters based on unconscious beliefs. Guided journaling exercises will help you begin to identify these beliefs and make decisions based on your new conscious awareness.  

Mar. 17 Marilyn Abedin
"Yoga for Optimal Health and Wellness"
Awaken to phenomenal health benefits of a simple yoga practice connecting mind and body to breath and movement. Learn how diaphragmatic breathing can change your life.

Mar. 24  Dr. Michael Ruggles
"Quantum Conversations –Create Your Reality"

Dr. Ruggles takes you on a journey through the birth of the Universe, evolution of life & consciousness. Learn how the human brain observes at the quantum level to create your reality.

Mar. 31  Rayna Lumbard, LMFT & Healer
"Whale Light Activations & Soul Transmission "
Rayna will share her path of light through Dolphin Spirit’s Whales of Hawaii. You will experience light activations and toning to the whales’ song to open your heart and awaken your soul to become “translucent and transparent.” You may receive personal messages about your life lessons and purpose to assist your soul’s growth.

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