July, August, September 2010

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July 1   Robert Javier Thistlethwaite  Minister Director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute
"Everyone Is Sensitive/Psychic"
Come and play in psychic kindergarten and learn how to use your psychic abilities. Open up to a level of hearing & seeing that can transcend self-created energy barriers.

July  8   David Weber 
Founder, Learn About Flow
"I'm Lost! Where Do I Go From Here?"
The world has changed dramatically & the old rules don't apply. Come hear David Weber introduce you to all the answers you seek through flow, your true life's purpose.

July  15   Jerzy Gregorek,
Weightlifting Champion
"The Happy Body: Nutrition, Exercise, and Relaxation"
Jerzy will talk about how to: establish & achieve youthfulness; lose 1.0-2.5 pounds of fat every week; exercise; respond to stress; and practice constructive living habits every moment.

July 22   Julie McNulty,
Cert. Medium/Psychic
"Messages from the Other Side"

Julie loves helping people on their healing journey by sharing messages people on the earth plane are receiving from their loved ones who have crossed over.

July 29   Kala Maitri, PhD,
"Experiencing the Kundalini Goddess"

Our Mother Earth contains Shaktis or "Heart Strings" that vibrate with deep Love for ALL. Kala will present her energetic theory along with a beautiful guided healing.

August 5  Elisa Divoux
"Why Take Humanitarian Actions?"

Elisa Divoux will show you why it's so important to continue to do humanitarian work and how its affecting all of us around the world (Domino Theory).

August 12   Crowman,

Modern Indian Shaman
"The Miracle of Spiritual Growth"
Celebrate the miracle of your inner growth. Honor your connection to GOD. Learn of Miracle - the White Buffalo and the power of transformation. Aho!  

August 19  Mike Mead, CCHT
"Conference Room"
< b>Mike will discuss the technology of being able to create a working dialogue with all of your inner voices.

August 26  Gene Teglovic, Author
"The Basics of Thought Management"
< b>Gene will describe new innovate & simple techniques for becoming aware of, observing and managing thoughts for better living from his book "Thought Management 101."

Sept 2 Christine Owen & Victoria Swan
"Soul Healing: Experience Joy, Power and Love"

These teachers will share simple & practical soul healing techniques to heal the soul first, which creates the healing of the mind, body, and aspects of life to follow.

Sept 9  Kim Millman MD Ph.D.
Holistic Physician
"How to Become a Healthier You Using Dr Millman?s E.M.P.T.Y. System
You?ll learn easy steps that you can take to; eat well for energy and focus, move freely, purge toxins, think clearly and be young again. Be enlightened and bring awareness of holistic health to a whole new level.

Sept 16  Tom Lumbrazo
"What Would You Do If Angels Called on You?"
One day in 2001, an Angel appeared in Tom's jeep and saved his life. For the next 9 years psychic events led to discovery of his purpose and messages via Clouds. 

Sept 23 Bernadette Luckett & Ian Hoge, Authors
"21 Days of Enlightenments-A Journey of Service"
By doing one conscious act of service each day for yourself, others or the world around you, true happiness comes. This book helps illuminate and support you on this journey.

Sept 30  Delyn Hall & Nicholas West, Healers
"Prema Agni: Ancient Sacred Symbol for Healing"
Come learn how to draw and use this powerful sacred symbol that opens the heart to give and receive love!

$7 Light breakfast included.
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