Apr, May, Jun 2010

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Apr. 1   Mempa Yangdron Kalzang, L. Ac., MA
"Tibetan Medicine: Alternative System of Well-Being"
An overview of this ancient system of healing and its relevance to health issues such as diabetes and sleep disorders, discussing history, underlying concepts, and both diagnostic as well as treatment techniques.

Apr. 8   Ben Saltzman, MA, Touched & Transformed
"The Spiritual Path to Abundance"
How do we keep ourselves from welcoming in the financial abundance that is all around us and always available? Ben Saltzman will share how money naturally flows when you clear your beliefs and create a warm welcome for the abundance that is your spiritual birth right.

Apr. 15   Jeff Bell, Author/Motivational Speaker
"When in Doubt, Make Belief: Finding Motivation in the Face of Uncertainty"

Drawing on his remarkable recovery from severe OCD (a.k.a. The Doubting Disease), Jeff shares practical, faithbased strategies for navigating what he calls The Shadow of Doubt and the many trapdoors it presents.

Apr. 22   Bryan Gates, Hamsacharya of Living Kriya Master, Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath
"Babaji's Kundalini Kriya Yoga"

Bryan will speak about his experience learning this powerful and ancient meditation technique and how it has transformed his life, and the lives of thousands, followed by experiential meditations and Q&A session.

Apr. 29  Lama Tr?Rinpoche
"Why Things Are the Way They Are"

Discover how our life dynamics manifest according to the Buddhist view of karma, relationships, body and mind.

May 6   Alvaro Sanchez, Spiritual Wealth Coach
"10 Steps to Monetize your ?Gift?"
You know you have a gift to share but may not believe you can make money doing it. If you are still struggling to make enough money, join us to learn how money energy works and how to bring more divine money energy into your life.  

May 13  Diane Hudock, LA Based Yoga Teacher
"The Yogic Path: Basic Principles of Yoga"

< b>Internationally recognized yoga teacher and spokesperson, Diane Hudock, shares her insight and personal journey on yoga; from asana to the transformational practice of meditation as taught by her Himalayan guru, Yogiraj Gurunath.

May 20  Jane Reeder, Facilitator, Coach
"Loving What Is"

< b>Discover the love, compassion, and empathy that are available when you are in synch with reality. This process is highly acclaimed and once learned can be performed yourself. Stanford therapists call it: "The best form of Cognitive Therapy".

May 27 Lambeth Sterling, Relationship Coach
"Love & Sex in the Spin Cycle"

Lambeth will share an excerpt from her one woman show which premiered in 2009. Bring your questions and receive answers about dating, marriage and ?The Secret.?

Jun. 3  Reba Vanderpool
"Co-Creating a Wiser, Sustainable, More Compassionate World
When the Universe calls, say YES! Learn to let go of trying to control our lives, and instead ask how we can be of service. Reba encourages us to be brave enough to follow the ?higher road? where work is our joy, where true passion and compassion thrive without limits.

Jun. 10  Phil Jacklin, Ph.D.
"The Astounding Benefits of Vitamin D "
Newly published research has established that megadoses of vitamin D3 reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer by half along with other important benefits. Phil will share a study concluding that most autism is caused by vitamin D deficiency and not by mercury in vaccinations.  

Jun. 17 Rev. Christine Emmerling, Sr. Minister of Divine Science Community Center
"Awaken to Oneness"
Through the realization of Oneness, transformation takes place and conditions are healed. We will cover some basic principals, then explore powerful techniques in practicing the Presence of Oneness and healing.

Jun. 24  Bill McDonald, Author, Hamsa Yoga Sangh
"Intro to Yoga Master Yogiraj Satgurunath"
Bill will share stories from his personal encounters with Yoga Master Yogiraj Satgurunath and some background on his teachings and his world mission to spread Babaji's original Kriya Yoga to the western world.

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