Oct., Nov., Dec. 2009

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Oct. 1   Tricia Hancock, CHT
"Transformational Marketing On The Internet"
Learn how marketing is an expression from the heart and how the National Institute for Alternative Health Care (NIAHC) can support you in reaching more people to grow your practice. This community is filled with natural healers and earth-conscious businesses.

Oct. 8   Lori Metroka, Nutrition - Wellness Specialist
"7 Keys to Vibrant Health and Life Wealth"

We will discuss how nutrition, exercise, and stress COMBINED impact your health and wellness. Discover 7 keys to rebuild your body and your life. Lori co-owner of Replenishing Soul will share some fun exercises to feel more energetic, balanced and rejuvenated.

Oct. 15   Rozzi Frye, School of Divine Magic
"The Magic Of The Seven Sacred Stones"

Free yourself from anxiety, depression, anguish, sickness, apathy, mental confusion, accumulation of negative energies. Open new pathways, opportunities and prosperity by using mandalas for energetic harmonization.

Oct. 22  Davie Pfaffle, Astrologer
"Do you know your Jupiter Sign?"

We'll explore, not your sun sign, but your Jupiter sign. It's the astrological area that has the most potential, gives you the most joy, and where you can put your energy for the most success, abundance and expansion.

Oct. 29   Diane Melone, LMFT, Spiritual Counselor
"The Power of Your Own Talking Stick"
Bring your favorite stick, things you want to put on it and supplies to share with others. I will bring glue sticks and some feathers etc. Start collecting your favorite things now: shells, feathers, totems, yarn, ribbon, bells etc.  

Nov. 5  Charles Muir, Tantra Master
"Transform Sex Into Blissful Connection"

< b>Learn age-old secrets to increase love, pleasure and spiritual awakening. Your entire body can become an instrument of LOVE in the bedroom and beyond. You will learn practices to use for the rest of your life from America's #1 Tantra Teacher. Join us!


Nov. 12  Lokesh, Spiritual Visionary & Musician
"Zen Talks on Osho"

< b>Lokesh will talk about the Zen principles taught by Osho, a spiritual master from India who has changed the lives of millions. You will be introduced to Osho's vision of "a new man" and how we can all awaken ourselves by realizing the Buddha within us.

Nov. 19 Jennifer Rozenheart, DC
"The 5 Factors of Health"

Join us as we discuss how to easily and effortlessly integrate these 5 factors into your lifestyle so you can live the happiest, healthiest years of your life!

"Happy Thanksgiving!
See you next week.

Dec. 3  Sandra Kamiak, M.D., Holistic Physician
"Introduction to Homeopathy"
We will focus on the practical aspects of this very powerful form of vibrational/energy medicine. It is both an ancient and future medicine that works with the whole person by stimulating the individual's vital force, chi, or innate intelligent healing system 

Dec. 10 Leah Alchin, Cert. Tantra Yoga Educator
"Tantric Wisdom for Men and Women "
Learn to deepen intimacy, sexual mastery, and consciousness while mastering male sexual energy with proven Tantra techniques for more vitality, stamina, increased pleasure and creativity. Women, learn your pivotal role in supporting men becoming more conscious in bed!

Dec. 17  Helene Rothschild, LMFT, Intuitive "Channeled Messages from Sananda (Jesus)"
Sananda, the spirit of Jesus, will share the essence of Christmas and much more. He asked Helene to schedule this very special event for The Awareness Network. Helene has been channeling for 22 years

Dec. 24  No Meeting
"We wish our wonderful community a joyful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!"

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