July, August, September 2009

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July  2   Gunjan Raizada, Ph.D., Physics
"Just Being"
When I speak, I must, When I hug, I must, When I write, I must, When I sing, I must, Then I become who I must.

July 9   Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT
"Arcturians (ETS): Cosmic Doctors"

Come and experience a cellular healing from the Universal Language of the Light, an activation to remember this high vibration healing language, and channeled messages from the Arcturians, that are from the star Arcturus on the 5th dimension (all loving). They are the most evolved ETS

July 16   Norbeth Granado, Spiritual Teacher
" Time to Fulfill your 'Spirit's Journey'"

Are you looking for self healing or the continuing of your spiritual journey? Come and deepen your connection with your life's highest purpose and learn the ways of the 'Spirit Walkers'.

July 23  Zyra Yves, Author & Poet
"Transfiguration: Art, Poetry and Mini-Collages"

Art is an expression of the heart, dreams and soul. This is an opportunity to experience the transfiguration of your inner most psyche through art, poetry and mini-collage. You will use art and poetry to draw out the song and image of your dreamscape as it manifests in a new figure with a new map to navigate. Creative journeys and supplies are provided.

July 30   Dave Coffill, Memory Dynamics Trainer
"Improve Your Memory"
Would you like to be able to: Instantly recall the name of your clients and prospects? Remember important dates, times and appointments? Double your income while cutting stress in half? Join the fun and what's guaranteed to be a highly entertaining and productive meeting.  

Aug. 6  Debra Hubers Paradis,-Play in Paradise Expert
"How Eating Alkaline Foods Improves your Health"

< b>Learn more about how eating 80% alkalizing improves your health along with the benefits that come from following that way of eating. Most Americans eat 80% acid and 20% alkaline instead the other way around!

Aug. 13  Crowman, Modern Indian Shaman
"Transformation with White Buffalo"

< b>Transform your life through celebrating the miracle of the birth of the white buffalo. Walk your spiritual path with wisdom, ease and grace.



Aug. 20 Rayna Lumbard, LMFT
"Healing Energetically with the Dolphins"

Rayna will share her healing adventures from swimming with dolphins in Hawaii and captivity, interspecies communication, and the dolphins' role in our future. You will receive a dolphin energy bath to open your telepathic channels to more love, abundance, and bliss.

Aug. 27 Charisma Lucco, Law of Attraction Coach
"Discovering What you Truly Want!"

Come learn how to get clear about the essence of what you want. By identifying the essence of what you want you make it possible to receive it in many ways.

Sept. 3  Todd Zimmerman, Transformational Coach
"Aligning with our Original Intention"

Deep soulful satisfaction is felt only when we are in alignment with our soul's agenda. There is power in knowing your purpose, and it is literally at your finger tips.  

Sept. 10 Bergie Burger, Music, Dance & Heart Lover
"Healing with Mother Nature "
A woman's journey through abuse & trauma to self-healing with music, dance & becoming one with mother earth. Working with roses, herbs, heart rocks & digging for crystals along the way. Join us using Mother Earth as our Healer!

Sept. 17  Kika Marianetta, Tantra Teacher, Healer
"Tantra: Reenergize Living with Your Sexual Energy"

Discover how to transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy, transforming sex into a sacred ritual. Learn practical tools to channel your sexual energy, revitalizing your creativity and positive energy in all areas of your life, including your sex life.

Sept. 24  Jennifer McDonell, International Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Co-Author "The Big Picture"
Jennifer will explain how the mind/body connection functions and how our inherited psychological emotional reactions (learned programs) that influence our health. Learn how fears and trauma create stress, dysfunctional behavior and mental/physical diseases/pain.

$7 Light breakfast included.
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