April, May, June 2009

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April  1   David Weber, Author, Channeler
"Your innate success-Through Flow!"
Come learn how to find your core success, the power within you that makes goals and dreams easily achievable in any situation, any economy, any circumstance, Discover what makes you, you!

April 9   Chris Flynn, Conscious Connection Coach
"Prayer, Power & Purpose: Spiritual Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner"

You will learn five essential keys to getting more clients and filling your groups. From Internet Network Marketing, to accountability partner practices, you will walk away truly inspired to take your holistic business to the next level.

April 16   Bob Brown, Intuitive Healer and Musician
"Improving your Awareness of your Guidance"

Bob will lead you on a journey to explore some techniques to improve your awareness of your guidance. Bring an object of importance to you that is smaller than a shoebox that others can touch.

April 23  Adora Deva, CHT
"Reversing the Aging Process"

Look and feel younger while you reverse the aging process! Advanced Light Therapy ( Photontherapy ) recharges your entire body’s energy and promotes growth, repair, rejuvenation at cellular and molecular levels. Uses include mood lifting, reduction of wrinkles, improved sleep patterns, relief of aches and pains.

April 30   Todd Zimmerman, Transformational Coach
"Aligning with our Original Intention"
Deep soulful satisfaction is felt only when we are in alignment with our souls agenda. There is power in knowing your purpose and it is literally at your finger tips.  

May 7  Una White, Artistic Medium Art Therapist
"Healing with Aura and Soul Colors"

< b>We will reveal a soul’s challenges and gifts. Show her luminously drawn soul portraits that facilitate emotional and spiritual healing, soul purpose discovery, relational harmony and attraction of a soul partner.

May 14  Tomasa Macapinlac, Asian Healing Arts Practitioner
"Chinese Medicine: The Eyes, the Emotions & the Liver"

< b>In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver energy or meridian has jurisdiction over our emotions and the visual functionality of the eyes.


May 21 Brian Rainie, MI, Han Moo Kwan
"A Physical Experience of Energy Work"

Still struggling with the energy side? This will definitely rock your world. Come play with practical examples of energy from martial arts and healing arts, using western teaching methods so you can feel their effects.

May 28 Alvaro Sanchez, Wealth & Transformation Coach
"Wealth Building for Holistic Practitioners"
BR> You believe in abundance for all, yet you may still not have it. You will learn proven strategies that will grow your practice, impact the greater good and thus create abundance.

June 4  Brandi Madison, Transformational Coach and Tom Miller, Intuitive Guide
"Transforming Attitude about Time"

Are you ready to begin to unlock your intuitive time clock? We invite you to experience positive time utilization by being aware of what matters most in your life and taking action! 

June 11 Therese Walsh, Ph.D., L.Ac.
"The Illumination Series Workshop"
This is a manifestation technique, a roadmap to achieving working with our Intentions and being clear on the kinds of intentions we are setting up: How to ask, and How to receive what you want to Be, Do, Have.

June 18  Jason Levitt, Dream Coach
"Watch your Dreams Come Alive"

Several participants will have the opportunity to re-create a recent dream out of the living architecture of everyone else in the room! Whether you're the dreamer or the dream., come an build your scene and discover new ways to see your inner world

June 25  Danni Burton, NLP Master Trainer "Take off your Buttons so they Can't be Pushed! "
Who's got buttons? All of us … some remembered with peace, joy or laughter … and others. Now, let's explore taking off the ones we don't want pushed!


$7 Light breakfast included.
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