Oct, Nov, Dec 2008

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Oct  2   Kristy Rogers, Executive Managing Director for eWomen Network "Grow your Business"
Let’s talk about how Complaints, Overwhelm and Discomfort are signs you’re on the right track. C.O.D. may not feel so good yet are essential for business growth.

Oct 9   Dr. Wayne Baird, D.C.
"An Intro to Applied Consciousness Therapy"

Psychic miseries account for the greatest number of miseries on our planet. Discover how ACT can easily overcome all of those psychic miseries.

Oct 16   Casey Dawes, Business Coach
"Three Things You Absolutely Need for your Contact Management System"

Managing your customer relationship well is the difference between having a business that matters and one that barely achieves its goals. Learn three keys to a good contact management system.

Oct 23  Stephanie Rozenhart, BS, DC, CCP
"90 Days to a Healthy Vibrant Life!"

Learn how your lifestyle may be affecting your health and what you can do about it before it is too late. .

Oct 30   Johnny Fernandez, Life Launch Training
"Living the Trinity of Abundance"
You can enjoy loving relationships, conscious wealth creation, and vibrant health. Integrating the Tao into your life is easier than you think when you know the principles and have the right tools. Get both at this dynamic talk!  

Nov 6   Alijandra, Healer, Teacher & Author
"Tapping into Your Magician Within "

< b>The Inner Magic is within each of us, but is often undiscovered or disempowered. In this session, we will connect through a powerful technique into our inner magician to accelerate our manifestation of our innermost dreams.

Nov 13  Lynn Ablondi, L.Ac.
"Healthy Cooking with Seasonal Ingredients"

Did you know that some foods have healing properties? Would you like to learn how to use local, organic, seasonal foods to create healthy meals? I invite you into the Chinese grandmother’s pantry to learn some new techniques from an ancient time.


Nov 20 Andria Wagner, Angel Therapy Practitioner
"Angels 101: Communicating with Your Angels"

We often overlook the simplest form of Universal Assistance, which is to stay in constant contact with your Angels and Guides throughout the day. Asking for help brings resolutions to life’s problems in a miraculous way.

Nov 27 Happy Thanksgiving Day!
"Celebrate Family & Friends"

No meeting this week. See you next week.

Dec 4 Charles Crowder, D.C.
"Your Feet Your Foundation"
Your feet are the foundation of your body, the foots 3 arches are like a three-legged stool if you have problems in any one arch it affects your whole bodies balance and structure. This is an experiential presentation we will investigate what are the main causes of foot problems, demonstrate their effects on the body, and introduced to low-tech simple ways to fix them. Expect to look at your own shoes and determine what can be improved.

Dec 11  Reid Peterson, M.A.
"Conscious Courage: What to do When Fear Overwhelms"

What do you do when the feeling of fear is resonating throughout your body? Reid will share ways to somatically recognize fearful reactions and offer suggestions for living courageously and consciously.

Dec 18  Maya Vidhyadharan, Spiritual Teacher & Author
"Illusion, Truth and Fearlessness"

A gentle exploration on how we create our individual reality based on our limiting thoughts and fears. The topic will go deeper into truth and illusion. Light can flow through us when we are not surrounded by illusion masquerading as truth

Dec 25   Happy Holidays!
"Celebrate Time, Traditions, Beliefs"
No meeting this week. See you next year!

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