July, August, September 2008

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July  3   Chad Irvine, Energy Healer
"It took a Village"
This documentary show how the dedication of a community and the love, courage, and determination of two parents resulted in their son Chad Irvine walking unassisted at nine years old.

July 10   Rev Kathleen Schramm, PhD.M.
"Shamanic Tools for Everyday Success"

These Shamanic tools are easy-to-learn and employ immediately to hold oneÂ’s own sacred space!.

July 17   Master Timothy Dunphy, Chi-Aura Integration
"We are all Connected "

Experience, in your body, the change you contribut to the Universal Hologram that we are. When one of us changes, the whole changes!

July 24   Allison Marks, Feng Shui and Design Coaching
"Your Home as Your Sanctuary"

Did you know that your home is one of the most powerful tools you have for transformation and growth? Come explore how to bring spirit alive in your life by creating personal sacred space in your home. .

July 31   Zayra Yves, Published Author
"The Power of Poetry"
The power of poetry is an expressive and meditative practice. It lends itself to discovering grace, as well as how to be more receptive to our intuition. Metaphysical poetry is evocative, soulful, uplifting and heart centered. Come be inspired!  

August 7   Susan Liddy, Life Coach, Author
"Abundance and Blessings Workshop"

< b>You do create your reality. The thoughts and feelings you have each day form your experience. This workshop will show you how to create abundance through appreciation. Learn simple tools to uplift you and attract more joy today..

August 14   Crowman-Spirit Tiger-Modern Indian Shaman
"Spiritual Growth Through Vision Quest "

Learn how to deepen your connection to yourself and Great Spirit. Journey to the center of your soul with Vision Quest. I will take you there. Learn about the unfolding miracles of the White Buffalo.


August 21 Bonny Wilde, Psychic & Numerologist
"Your Contract This Life Time"

Encoded in your birth information is your contract/agreement that you decided to experience this incarnation. I will talk about all areas that tell you, Why you are here.

August 28 Paul Robb, Optical Engineer, Author
"My Life with an Angel: Rescuing Lost Souls"

I will describe my experiences with an Angel named Aziel. She brings me souls trapped in the Darklands. I establish a friendly relationship and teach them to pray so they can leave.

September 4 Dawn Mazure, Consciousness Facilitator
"Rejuvenate Your Relationship with Money"
What if money were conscious? What if moneyÂ’s only desire was to give you everything you wanted? What if the only thing standing in the way was you?

September 11  Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Innersuccess Global Healer Al Diaz, HCF
"Moving Beyond 9/11: Healing the Soul of the World "

Join us to deepen our understanding about what really happened on 9/11and how this has had both negative and positive results. You will experience a divine healing of the heart, mind and soul to unite humanityÂ’s vision for creating a positive, passionate, peaceful and prosperous new world.

September 18  Ahraiyanna Della Tona, D.V.M.
"Animal Wisdom & One Heart Medicine Pipe Ceremony"

As part of the natural world our pets are both a reflection of na ture, Mother Earths wisdom & a reflection of their humans inner state of balance. What are your pets teaching you today? Come, share stories and be part of a ceremondy to restore balance between humans and animals.

September 25   Laura Rice, Certified Wellness Coach
"Attention Conscious Women: Make Fitness into a Game"
Learn 3 ways to overcome ANY exercise excuse and create balanced lifestyle so you can do what you love with more self confidence, strength and passion than ever before!

$7 Light breakfast included.
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