April, May, June 2008

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April  3   Dr. Vicki Hill, Network Chiropractic
"Reorganizational Healing"
Featuring Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration. These two healing methodologies are powerful sources of personal transformation that produce embodied and empowered strategies that allow for resourcefulness and wellness

April 10   Joetta of Conscious Bookkeeping
"Mapping Your Future with Money"

Create your own Map of the Future with Money. Learn how to use a Money Compass that will increase your ability to experience Financial Satisfaction now and keep you on the Map to Financial Freedom.

April 17   Vrinda Normand, Heart-based Sales Coach
"Effortless Marketing Relationships"

Are you struggling to get new clients? Do you wish your clients would stay longer? I will show you how to build client relationships that last, so you can help more people with ease and abundance.

April 24   Henry Wolgemuth, Ph.D. Energy Healer
"A Spiritual Treat"

The Rainbow Energy Awareness Training was developed, after and initiatory kundalini awakening, through the growth of the embodied light dimension of the soul. Chanting, embodied visualization and group energy raising.

May 1   Nancy Ogilvie, M.A., Group Coach
"Four Pathways to Inner Balance"
Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, frazzled because you’re running faster and getting farther behind? Learn four pathways to creating inner balance, enabling you to stay calm and confident in any situation.  

May 8   Jennifer Aly M.S. Founder
"Get Inspired to organize & Simplify to Create Success"

< b>Reduce stress related to clutter and lack of follow thru Access YOUR motivation to get organized & create more balance. Experience empowerment, rejuvenation & inspiration.

May 15   Tsahai Ungar, Success Expert Coach
"Live a Higher Game, Success Secrets Revealed! "

How would you like to move forward with 10 times more ease and power in your life? Learn the #1 secret to creating long lasting permanent change, and leave with a blueprint for your success!


May 22 Rev. Kelley Springer, Whole Self Healer
"The Seven Gate’s Passage to Wholeness"

The Seven Gates is the culmination of fifteen years of study in the Healing Temple. I am now ready to teach and share what I have learned. If you wish to learn about what it means to be a practitioner of the Temple or just to hear the stories, Come!

May 29 Charles Crowder, D.C., CMT, B.S.
"Practical Energy Medicine"

This presentation will bring the Energy Medicine home in an experiential and practical way. We will learn simple ways to clear emotional stress, increase energy, and relieve aches and pains immediately. We will learn to inquire into and align our bodies inner wisdom toward the changes we want in our lives.

June 5 David Rideoaut Financial Realist
"Financial Enlightenment-Money Mastery"
Learn Universal principals of money. How anyone can have a personal financial abundance and freedom . “How money works” - Really! Learn about the energy of money and Master it!

June 12  Ben Saltzman Transformational Coaching with the Enneagram
"Coaching to Spiritual Transformation " 

How do you accelerate spiritual transformation in your clients? What do you do when resistance shows up in a session? Learn the principles and techniques you must apply to take your clients into undiscovered territory in a container of safety and love.

June 19  Hollis Polk, Clairvoyant, NLP, Harvard MBA
"Channeled Healing"
Hollis will lead a series of guided visualizations to create a safe, high vibration community space and then channel universal healing energy. Experience whatever healing is there for you!

June 26   Guang Yue (Sun) Chen, Acupuncturist
"Empower Your Five Elements Now"  
Want more Energy and Vitality? Come and learn the steps of secret ancient healing techniques to empower your five elements and lead your life to better health, wealth and happiness.

$7 Light breakfast included.
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