January, February, Mar 2008

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

January  3   Jasmine White, MSTCM, TAT Trainer
"Loving Our Bodies"
Enjoy a different type of resolution this coming year. Certified TAT Trainer and eating disorder expert, Jasmine White, will guide Participants through a unique self-healing protocol for unconditional body acceptance at any shape or size.

January 10   Lori Metroka, Physical Therapist, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach & Personal Trainer
"Managing Stress Through Movement"

Do you have a hard time unwinding? Are you constantly tired? Do you live a busy lifestyle and have minimal time for relaxation? Come and learn how to manage your stress through movement.

January 17   Alice Gardner, Spiritual Mentor
"Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice"

Learn how your circumstances, thoughts and feelings are not a distraction from your spiritual life, but are the unique and perfect way for you. Influenced strongly by Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti & Findhorn.

January 24   Diane Melone, MFT
"Your Relationship with Money"

Come & explore how you handle your money. Is that how you are handling your life? Do a financial check-up?

January 31   Siobhan Nicolaou
"Golden Light Grounding Meditation"
You will meditate from a grounded and present place. Empower & Energize the 7-Chakra system while remaining in the body using grounding, visualization and feeling. How to train the coyote mind into silence with love and gentleness.  

February 7   Alvaro Sanchez, Wealth Coach
"Self Transformation"

< b>Do you know what you should do and yet not move forward or achieve the success you desire? Transformational Meditation is a specific technology that facilitates you removing negative thoughts or beliefs in your subconscious mind immediately. We will have a live demonstration

February 14   Christina J Barea, Master of Medical QiGong
"Heart Fire, Spirit Dwelling "

A 5 element Qigong approach to the loving energy of Heaven which opens our hearts to new connections, gives us joy, and allows us to recognize the divine aspect in ourselves and in others. 


February 21 Paradiso
"Didjeridoo Sound Healing"

Buckle your seat belts because you are going for a ride. The didgeridoo ranks among the Earth’s most primitive instruments that have the power to alter states of consciousness. Go to the channel where books were written. Which is Dream Time

February 28 Julie Hawkins, Certified Trainer NLP, TET, Hypnosis, Holistic Health Practitioner
"Ancient Hawaiian Huna"

Huna is the esoteric system of spiritual expansion and metaphysical healing. Ancient Kahunas used this system for thousands of years and experienced virtually no illness or disease. Learn about this ancient system for modern times.

March 6 Genevieve M. Vulser
"Angels & Heaven on Earth "
Messengers of Divine Love and Light, our Angels are ready to help us regain an awareness of who we are and become the co-creators of Heaven on Earth! Join us for a morning of empowerment, inspiration & deep reconnection with your Angels!

March 13  Diana Estrada, Money Coach
"Your Money Type " 

Would you like to know what your “money type” is in order to understand the impact it has on your life and your relationship with money? Discover how your “money type” effects your relationships and other areas of your life.

March 20   Una Hellich White, Ph.D., Artistic Medium, Transpersonal Art Therapist
"Healing Power of Art "

Healing soul portraits have lovingly changed the lives of many worldwide by activating the unique light and beauty, soul’s calling, unlimited potential & more. Come and enjoy the healing power of Art!

March 27   Shannon Law, Detox Diva
"Detox Secrets Revealed "
Want to get healthier, lose weight naturally and feel more alive than you have in years? Detoxing your body is the key. Discover the #1 Secret to easily losing weight, increasing energy and having optimal health and vitality.

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