Oct., Nov., Dec. 2007

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

October  4    Mariah Avery, Spiritual Coach
"Your Creation Myth "
We can learn much from looking at the creation myths of other cultures. When we create our own Creation Myth we understand that we are the Masters of Our Universe.

October 11   Laura Dominguez-Yon, MRC, MCTP
"Creating New Habits"

Do you have a habit you don't like? Is there one that you want to have, like indulging in a particular food... Learn a process to change a like to a dislike -- or visa versa. Take command of your own behavior and make the changes *you* want to make.

October 18    Laurie Santos, Life Coach
"How Delicious Are Your Dreams;

This interactive presentation is a 5-Step Plan to Deliberately Dream-up Success in Love, Wealth and Happiness." Laurie will give a sample from the workbook she created and provide a surprise goody bag. Will you be there to receive?

October 25   Paul Robb, Optical Engineer
"What is it like to meet God?"

Come hear Paul rob speak on divine experiences from his book "The Kindness of God: How God Cares for Us." Topics will include "The Day I Met God", "God as a Woman", and "God's request to us".

November 1    Rayna Lumbard, LMFT Intuitive Therapist
"Connecting with the Dolphins"
Join Rayna to learn more about our playful cousins of the sea and their secrets for living in joy and bliss. She will share her healing adventures of swimming with dolphins. We will explore our energetic connection, what we can learn from these highly evolved beings, and the dolphins' role in the destiny of our planet.  

November 8   Cynthia Tsai, Spiritual Love Coach
"Manifesting Your Beloved"

< b>Believe in the Law of Attraction but still don¹t have “The One”? That's because it has to work in conjunction with your soul path. Discover the difference between a “key” and a “keeper” and the secret to having a Beloved relationship for the rest of your life.


November 15   Audrey Wittig, Intuitive Healer
"Accelerate Your Joy!"

Learn how to channel Creation Acceleration energy to accelerate your natural state of joy, release disturbances in your life instantly, and magnify your power as a creator. All participants will receive an activation of this powerful energy. 

November 22   No Meeting Today

Happy Holiday!

November 29   Alijandra, Healer, Teacher
"Quantum Emotion™---The Missing Link to Accelerated Manifestation"

Learn aboutThe author of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" and "Cosmic Chakras" will be presenting new material. Move into your Oneness being and feel the life you were destined to have! Experiential talk.

December 6   Velma Popham
Got Energy? Are you Stuck?"
How would you like to be able to move forward with 3 times more rocket velocity in life? Imagine being able to reset your energy and values in life as easily as pushing the reset button on your vacuum cleaner.

December 13   Chandara, Psychic Medium
"Communicating With The Other Side" 

Have you ever wished you could communicate with loved ones who have passed on? Chandara specializes in communicating with the otherside and will share her extraordinary experiences and talents, including live demonstrations.

December 20   Special Event!
"Spirit Gift Exchange"

Bring your non-material, service-oriented gifts to offer freely. Presence makes presents. Be prepared to receive and give beyond your imagination!

December 27   No Meeting Today
"Have a wonderful holiday season!
Have a wonderful holiday season! See you January 3, 2008.

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