January, February, Mar 2007

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

January  5    Monique Chapman PhD
"Creating your Heaven in 2007! "
Learn the secret to creating your own destiny. Monique Chapman is an intuitive transformation consultant who has shown thousands of people how to transform their lives from wishful thinking to a living reality.

January 11   Desai, Astrologer

Ever wonder what purpose do you have in life? Every one is special in there own way. Desai uses astrology and psychic awareness to show you your destiny and your role in life.

January 18   Rev. Kelley Springer, Self Healer
"The Power to Heal Beyond The Self"

Learn a sacred medicine hoop for healing self, your family and your humanity. I will be sharing about healing Ancestral Threads, how they affect us & what we as humanity are healing together.

January 25   Adam Atman L.Ac. MMQ. CMT
"Sacred Acupuncture"

Adam will talk about Sacred Acupuncture. Learn about the five human 'bodies' and the Eight Extraordinary channels and their relevance to healing and their applicability to energy work, healing, massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Qigong etc.

February 1   Baba Nicole Herrick
"The Heart Of Intimacy"
Are you completely satisfied with your 'love life'? White Spirit Tantra is a unique healing art that brings you home to your true nature - a radiant being. Discover your capacity for profound heart connections through Conscious Breathing. 

February 8   John and Patty Harris
"Finding the Love that You Seek"

< b>John and Patty share their experience of a spiritually based relationship. We will talk about finding the love that you seek, creating a relationship mission statement and agreements.

February 15   Brandi Madison, Heart Activator
"Step into your Personal Power through LOVE! "

Are you ready to be your full potential self through LOVE! Actually you are already there. Let’s remember and activate our full empowerment through unconditional love. 


February 22 Carol Daly, CHT, MRET
The Choice for Conscious Relationships and Love

Come join us as we explore conscious relationships and the choices that create them. Learn about the key areas for conscious relationships and love. Empower yourself with choices fueled by your passions for life.

March 1 Carol Loewenstein, Health Educator
"REDEFINING WELLNESS - Restore Your Cells, Restore Your Health!"

Every few decades, great discoveries like vitamins, penicillin and vaccines have rocked the world of wellness and healthcare. Now scientists and doctors celebrate another breakthrough: Glyconutrients!! Discover why doctors are integrating this new science into their practices.

March 8 Edward Carrion Psychic Medium
Exploring the Paranormal "
Edward is the host of Chabot College student produced “Exploring the Paranormal” show and host of “The Paranormal Channel” on Luminary.TV. He will be discussing the purpose and experiences of both show and channel.

March 15  Ron Arps
"Tuning in to Nature through Bird Sounds " 

Explore the joy of knowing birds by their songs, not only as a birding skill but also as an everyday pleasure. Techniques to learn and recognize bird sounds will be presented followed by practice in identifying some songs.

March 22   Paradiso Didjeridoo
"For Success, Prosperity and Perfect Health "

Buckle your seat belts because you are going for a ride. The didjeridoo ranks among the Earth’s most primitive instruments that have the power to alter states consciousness. Go to the channel where books were written. Which is Dream Time.

March 29   Lucy Brandt
"Communication with the Other side "
I see dead people! Stories, events and how this works. Is it sad? Can be! Is it heart felt? Yes! As a channel she has extraordinary talent.... being with her will enlighten you

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