Oct., Nov., Dec. 2006

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Oct 5 Alijandra, Healer, Teacher, and Author
"Cosmic Chakras"
Enter a new dimension. Discover that fantastic point where science and magic meet! Color healing pioneer, Alijandra presents new information about our magical chakras from her new book

Oct 12 Mary Margaret Rose, PhD, Intuitive Healer, Facilitator
"Ascending into the golden light Returning to God"

Mary Margaret Rose shares her personal experiences as well as assisting people to understand that there is life when we leave our earthly bodies and return to God.

Oct 19 Desai, Astrologer

Ever wonder what purpose do you have in life? Every one is special in there own way. Desai uses astrology and psychic awareness to show you your destiny and your role in life.

Oct 26 Genevive Vulser
"Free Flowing Creativity"

Our Angels are ready to help us recreate Heaven on Earth. Let us learn how to connect with them and enhance our Healing Power in order to manifest Joy, Serenity and unconditional Love in our life!

Nov 2 Roe Gallo Ph.D
"Overcoming the 5 Myths of Aging - Feel Great, Loose Weight and Live a Happier and Healthier Life"
Get older but never old! Roe Gallo shows how our diet, our beliefs and our lifestyle influence how we age our health, our looks and our happiness.

Nov 9 Lisa Ayala Naturopath/Herbalist
"Healthy Eating and the Holidays"

< b>Learn how to avoid the sugar trap, eat delicious holiday food and learn about some options for traditional meals.from a holistic point of view.

Nov 16 Rayna Lumbard, LMFT, Intuitive Therapist
"Connecting with the Dolphins"

Join Rayna and learn more about our playful cousins of the sea and their secrets for living with joy. She will share her healing adventures of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii and in captivity. We will explore our energetic connection, what we can learn from these highly evolved beings, and the dolphins' role in the destiny of our planet.


No meeting. Happy Holiday!

Nov 30 Grant Atwell
"Ceremonial Massage"

Where as the body is a portal for an experience greater than the physical plane. You and I, under the conditions of rest and meditation can be reminded of our spiritual nature.

Dec 7 Michael Pooley, SkyDancing Tantra Teacher
Love, Life, & Spirit: An Introduction to Tantra"
Tantra teaches us to embrace all experiences as opportunities to expand consciousness, open our hearts, awaken our ecstatic potential, and cultivate love as an art form and a path to spirit.

Dec 14 Lana Belov, Colon Hydrotherapist
"Internal Cleansing is the Key to Health and Longevity"

Do you keep your house clean, take out the garbage regularly? Why don't you do it to your own body? Learn how to clean your colon naturally because almost every disease has been attributed to an unhealthy colon.

Dec 21
"Spirit Gift Exchange"
Bring your non-material gifts to offer freely. Presence makes presents. Be prepared to receive and give beyond your imagination!

Dec 28
"No Meeting"
Have a wonderful holiday season! See you January 4th, 2007.

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