Jul., Aug., Sept. 2006

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

July 6 Tom Dragosavac, Massage Therapist
Spiritual Massage

The principles of our spiritual nature are universal and practical, if at times inconvenient. They have truth and power in all contexts. Today we apply familiar spiritual principles to hands-on massage. Leave your gloves at home today.

July 13   Ed Austin
Tapping your creative self to make money

Have a product idea you are certain the world needs, wants, and would love to own?  Hear Ed share his strategies that yielded successful licenses from over 50 ideas he’s developed.

July 20   Pat Moore, Divine Science & Reiki Practitioner
The Magic of Manifestation & The Power of Peru

Learn Pat’s process that funds all of her spiritual travels!  Hear about her traveling into the remote village of New Jerusalem in the Peruvian Amazon. Being to manifest for yourselves!

July 27   Yvonne Shevnin
CuddleParty: Boundaries, Affectionate Touch and Authentic Relationships

Today, our culture tends to sexualize almost every kind of touch. Cuddle Party creates a new culture where safe, nurturing authentic touch and relationships can be explored.

August 3   Charles Crowman Hawkins
The Healing Journey of Crowman

Moving towards the wisdom of the White Buffalo, accepting the many gifts, of God and man, and the profound miracle of the Tibetan mushrooms and their healing powers.

August 10   Caroline Chase,
a Reiki practioner and healer
Follow your heart

She will discuss the joy of following your heart and will help you to reconnect with your heart's desires and the magick of your heart.

August 17   Sun Chen Acupunturist
How to improver brain function naturally

We all want to be smart.  There will never be smart medicine to take unless we know how our brain functions and how to empower our brain naturally


Aug 24  Laura Domínguez-Yon
Laughing just for the Health of It

Is laughter the best medicine? Learn what over 5,000 world-wide laughter yoga clubs do! Learn quick exercises to increase  your healthy endorphins, laugh for no reason!

August  31   Dr. Craig Job, MD
Integrative Approaches to Allergies

Compare what you know about holistic treatments to aid in the control of seasonal allergies and asthma. Dr. Craid includes botanical options, dietary guidelines, and the supporting role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in his presentation.

Sept   7   Pnina Zoharah
Kundalini Activation and Healing Sexuality

Activate your Kundalini (life Force) & stimulate your creativity, use this powerful energy to heal your sexuality. Pnina explores sexuality and creativity through clairvoyant reading, dance hands on healing, emotional bodywork and workshops.

September 14   Doti Boon
See, Read and Interpret Auras

Experience the thrill of seeing an aura and learning how to interpret the energies! Come early and sign up to get your aura read! WEAR something white so your aura will really shine!

September 21 Shirley Potasz, M.A.
Certified Nutrition Consultant
Simple Raw foods for Energy

Join pioneer health educator Shirley’s demonstration on the how and why we want raw foods for energy. A veteran presenter, writer, host and advocate, we have a lot to gain from her expertise.

Sept 28  Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs
Heartselling™ Secrets to Double your Practice

The key to selling success is heart-based questions. Learn how  your potential clients will talk themselves into working with you.  Jess and Sharla share key secrets of Heartselling™ to help you double your practice

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