April, May, June 2006

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

April  6   Dr. Joseph Crane, D.D.
"Prosperity and Abundance From the Angelic Realm "
Prosperity has many different meanings to many people. How do you define prosperity? I define it as more than enough money to meet your needs, wonderful fulfilling relationships, perfect health, doing what you truly desire to do for a living and loving it. Do you have these in your life? Would you like to?

April 13  Pat Dornik, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient
"Discovering the Power of Angels "

Pat will show us how angels help with our spiritual growth. Pat has 35 years of experience in Gestalt Phenomena Survival.

April 20   Lowell (Two Feathers) Gresham
"The Way of the Medicine Wheel "

Beginning to understand the meaning, power and function of the Medicine Wheel as a tool to a deeper connection of nature and spirit.

April 27  Master Timothy Dunphy
"Energy Medicine, Personal Power, and Success "

Timothy is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Chi-Aura Integration. He will assist you in discovering and developing your powerful potential

May 1   Brian and Dave Savedra
"Stem Cell Activation "
Brian and Dave are tuning fork specialists and have been working with 9 activation points on the body to awaken Stem Cells. They will share what they have learned about working with folks and the activation process. Come discover the limitless possibilities of creation. 

May 11  Dr. Damir Galiev, M.D. Russia
"Su Jok Therapy "

< b>Dr. Damir Galiev is an alternative medicine specialist and health consultant. Holistic services workshops; Su Jok Therapy cellular level cleansing, rejuvenating facial massage, old Russian abdominal massage, paradoxical breathing technique.

May 18  Linda Adams, Energetic Practitioner
"Step into your Personal Power "

What’s in the way of your magnificence? Subconscious programming can sabotage our lives and health. We will experience a group healing of subconscious blocks that keep us from stepping into our personal power.


May 25 Donald Gange
Atlantis Connection

Donald is an alternative energy researcher who will give an overview of Atlantean history, geography, culture, technology, recent discoveries, and how Atlantean technology is currently impacting our world.

June 1 Jasmine Heins, L.Ac.
"Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) "

I will explain the mechanisms of and theory behind TAT for emotional resolution, inner peace and stress reduction. I will briefly touch on Acutonics (Sonic Acupressure) and the use of tuning forks on acupuncture points as part of the healing process during a TAT session.

June 8 Meg White and Jonathan Harris
Neurofeedback Practitioners NeuroCarePro© Technology meets spirituality! "
How can a high-speed computer and very smart software assist you into a gentle, seamless personal transformation? We'll bring our equipment, "hook-up" a volunteer and show you how brain-training works.

June 15  Rita Raimondo
"The Buddha Maitreya " 

Rita will discuss the work of His Holiness, The Buddha Maitreya, an American-born Buddhist Master. She will explain the use of his Sacred Geometric Tools and Sacred Sounds for personal and planetary healing.

June 22   Art Martin Ph.D. N.D.
" Crack the Mind’s Codes For Success, Prosperity and Perfect Health"

Do you have blinders on limiting and blocking you from achieving the level of success you desire? Crack the fear barrier and empower yourself to reclaim your personal power. Rewrite your mind’s scripts for health, wealth and abundance.

June 29  Pete Warburton
" Power of Mind Dowsing for Self-Healing "
Dowsing assumes that if you release your emotional traumas, your body/mind/soul will heal itself. I will summarize how this works, drawing on my 30 years experience and research.

$7 Light breakfast included.
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