Oct., Nov., Dec. 2005

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Oct 6 Jenny Ward
" Let’s Play!"
Start a play revolution in the world! Most of us take life too seriously and have forgotten that life is meant to be enjoyed, not survived. Revive the wonder and joy of the child you still are.

Oct 13 Cynthia Sue Larson
"Reading Auras "

Discover ten things your aura does for you, and ways to develop these benefits to improve every aspect of your life. Learn how to make better decisions, communicate more clearly, and quickly discover opportunities while feeling energized and relaxed.

Oct 20 Daniel Phoenix

Who is your whole-life partner? The eyes in the mirror need an open, loving, playful relationship with you! Be true to yourself, set excellent boundaries, and transform Self-Care into Self-Love.

Oct 27 Robin Grant
" Fountain of Youth "

Not everyone wants to live to 120, but quality of life is important. Some simple changes in your life can make huge positive changes in your health and can slow the aging process.

Nov 3 Vickie Hill
" Network Chiropractic"
Did you know that research studies have shown that 95% of individuals who receive NSA care have their goals and expectation of care met or exceeded? Join Vickie to find out how you can join that list of satisfied people.

Nov 10 Julie Youngheart
"Clearing Clutter"

< b>Clutter: is it in your home, garage, and car? Do you recognize clutter in your body, mind and heart? Clutter can prevent us from being fully alive. Find out how to step up your vibration, awareness and intuition by clearing your physical and non-physical clutter to prepare for positive changes to occur on all levels


Nov 17 Michael Peak
" Wealth, Success, and Abundance, NOW! "

Tired of the blocks to your financial freedom? Michael Peak will help identify and eliminate the negative garbage that has blocked your path to financial freedom. Attract abundance and do it with powerful enlightenment. Now!

Nov 24 No meeting.
THANKSGIVING. Happy Holiday!

Dec 1 Aurieona Astora
"Joy Jewelry"

Star Shine Designs creator will help you pick out or create a piece with you that fits your very own energy. Feel the magic of your own sparkle and beauty every day!

Dec 8 M. Lawrence Dass
Holistic Health Nutrition"
Siddha medicine is a traditional medicine from India which predates Ayurveda. Lawrence will share a glimpse of the Siddha system of medicine and its effectiveness with physical and mental ailments, illustrating real life accounts.

Dec 15 Brandi Madison
"Angel of Love"

Feel the oneness through the power of love as we shall ascend to another level together with ease and grace.

Dec 22 Mark Pantak
"Your Spiritual Relationship With Money"
Spirit is Everywhere; Spirit is Energy; Money is Energy; Money is Spirit in Expression. Now is YOUR time to shift YOUR spiritual relationship with money. Learn to have it serve you rather than your being a slave to it.

Dec 29
"No Meeting"
Have a wonderful holiday season! See you January 5th, 2006.

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