Jul., Aug., Sept. 2005

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jul 7 Cathy Morrey and
Queen Ann Cannon

"Coaching Tools for Conflict Resolution "
Conflict affects our health and our relationships with our families, friends and co-workers. It drains us of energy and adds stress to our lives. Our love and appreciation for people diminishes. Learn tools for resolving conflict and alter the relationships in your life.

Jul 14 Crowman
"Why Vision Quest?"

What is a Vision Quest? Why is it a life-changing experience? Hear Shaman Charles "Crowman" Hawkins, Ph.D. tell about the training: what to expect, what results he's seen, and why he recommends the White Buffalo Vision Quest in particular

Jul 21 Denise and Emmett Culley
"Having Successful Relationships"

"Having Successful Relationships" Success in relationships is like driving. Imagine driving in another country without knowing the rules or understanding the signs. Upsets and accidents can occur. Discover how simple and clear the signs become when you are given the handbook to the highway of love and relationship.

Jul 28 Scott Kalachstein
"Free Flowing Creativity"

Creativity is not reserved for the special, gifted, or talented. We are all here to joyously create. What beliefs block the flow and how can we unblock it? Scott will inspire, tickle, challenge, and guide us to our true power as creators.

Aug 4 Lloyd Cargo
"Quantum-Touch (R) -- The Power To Heal"
Amplify the effectiveness of healing modalities. Touch can rapidly align bones, provide deeper relaxation, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, balance emotions, care for pets, and so much more. It's a stand-alone therapy also effective at a distance.

Aug 11 Laura Dominguez-Yon, CMPNLP, CMRC, CMH
"Change Beliefs with NLP"

< b>Want to overcome a fear? Want to change a like to a dislike? Want to learn technique to change a physical response to a situation or idea? Neurolinguistic Programming connects the body response to the mind such that you take better, conscientious control and repattern those responses. Come play with us!

Aug 18 Nancy Williams
"Healing Chronic Ailments through Past Life Forgiveness"

Do you have physical problems that just seem to linger no matter what you do? Discover a simple, effective technique for resolving unfinished business from other lives that are affecting you now


Aug 25 Denise Levin, CFMW
"Access Energy for Transformation"

A set of empowering and enlightening tools and dynamic processes that can touch any aspect of your life and create transformation. Find out how to create the life YOU desire and be more of YOU.

Sep 1 Phil Jacklin, Ph.D.
"Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Women"

Our biochemistry is interactive with our mind and spirit. Conventional HRT with Premarin and Provera is destructive. Natural progesterone, estriol (a safe estrogen) and testosterone are part of optimal wellness and can be used safely.

Sep 8 Sandra Marto
"Communicate With Your Pet"
Would you like to know how your pets feel, what they need, what they like and don’t like? Would you like them to know the same about you? Getting into communication can enhance your relationship with your pet and bring more harmony to your home.

Sep 15 Anita Eubanks
"Rainbow of Hope: Connect with Divine Light for Life Transformation"

The Rainbow of Hope is a breakthrough healing tool that changes lives. Transmit light and love, blessing your physical and spiritual life; acknowledge your soul’s gifts and purpose; receive a soul reading for individual guidance.

Sep 22 Kathryn Chalfont
"Energy Balancing & Clearing"
Discover how clearing dysfunctional energetic entanglements around people & wounds from the past / present will set you free. By clearing the aura, chakras, and meridians, power and energy are retrieved.

Sep 29 Velma Popham
" Catalyze Your Life – A New Pathway To Peace"
Change is natural in life as we work, grow and play. How would it feel to have more peace, breath, movement and fluidity in the midst of life’s unfolding? Explore improving quality of life through the Catalyst™ approach to re-connecting with peace in the body.

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