Apr., May., Jun. 2005

Every Thursday 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM.
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Apr 7 Uttama
"Enlightenment Now"
An introductory talk about the mass enlightenment phenomenon occurring in the world today and Intensives that take place in India for anyone who seeks to become enlightened. Also energy transfers for enlightenment available in your local areas

Apr 14 Wilson Jordan,
"Integrated Systems in Motion"

Wilson presents polarity-based modalities that address acute and chronic conditions for body systems integration. Learn about this total integration: structural alignment, cellular and emotional release, with a focus on clearing and balancing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems.

Apr 21 Patricia Fuqua, Intuitive Life Coach
"Tarot Journeys to Love and Money"

Looking for love or more money? Patricia's talk connects quantum physics, spirituality and the tarot to assist your journey. Patricia's insights have helped many decide on a successful goal strategy. You'll be glad with what you learn!

Apr 28 Dr. David Hogg, N.D.
"Naturopathic Medicine and What It Can Do for You"

Come and learn how the cure that goes back before Hippocrates can remove obstacles to your own cure help you heal yourself mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.

May 5 Diane Melone, MFT
"Ways to Process Your Frustrations"
Learn a way to manage your frustrations, stress, anger. Bring a pillow and have some fun with it!

May 12 David Rideout
"How Money Works – Financial Enlightenment"

< b>Learn from the man who has Personal Financial Freedom! A G.O.O.D. plan is the Best Plan. Learn about the Energy of Money, Tapping into the Universal Source and More Money. Make it work for you!

May 19 Clifford “CJ” White, Intuitive Reiki Master
"Energy Meditations"

Meditation can be fun, playful and empowering. It can also be relaxing, healing and enlightening. In this lecture we will experience both a grounding and a Loving meditation.

May 26 Joyce Anne Pierce, president, YES! I CAN Succeed
"10 Secrets to Mastering Motivation"

What inspires you? Can motivation become an internal affair of the head and heart? Joyce Ann’s exciting presentation gives us methods to increase our successes, and -- time permitting -- exercises that show our positive results.


Jun 2 Bill Mundy
"The Perils of the Path of Enlightenment in Modern America and what to do about it"

Pursuing enlightenment while remaining in the working world? Many spiritual practices are guaranteed to cause trouble, if not to the self, then with your neighbor. Bill shares humorous stories, practical insights, and exercises that promote transcendence to improve the situation. Bring issues you’ve encountered – he may have solutions!

Jun 9 Mary Eberspacher, Tonal Alchemist
"Re-Aligning Our “Spirit Through Sound"
Sound effects matter, life and especially humankind. Explore and experience sound at an intensity that will make your body sing. Mary will blend theory and experience to share a small part of her techniques such as toning, breath-work, tarot, bodywork and Spiritual Counseling.

Jun 16 Charles Crowder, D.C., Applied Kinesiology, Sports, Wellness, Nutrition
"Effective Web and Visual Media"

Is your print and website advertising effective? Learn quick simple ways to evaluate and improve them! Bring an overhead foil of your own media for this is hands-on workshop We’ll use muscle testing to improve your visual ads work.

Jun 23 Debi Livingston, CHT, Advanced Instructor – National Guild of Hypnotists
"Healing Values of Hypnosis for Positive Change"
Hypnosis is a safe and natural modality to create positive, permanent change in your life. Quit smoking, lose weight, release stress and achieve goals so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Jun 29 Ean
"Walking Your Thoughts"
Learn how to consciously walk into and experience your thoughts, actually start seeing in your physical reality what you are thinking in your head. Learn how to live your life your way without fear or doubt.

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