Jan., Feb., March. 2005

Your South Bay connection to fascinating presentations and a universe of wonderful people
Location: Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95129 ;
Every Thursday morning 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. $7.00

Jan 6    Kathryn Chalfant, Certified ABM Practitioner, Psychic / Intuitive
"Energy Balancing & Clearing"
Discover how clearing dysfunctional energetic entanglements around people & wounds from the past / present will set you free. By clearing the aura, chakras, and meridians, power and energy are retrieved.

Jan 13    Kathy Eisenhart, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
"Principles of Ayurveda"

Ayurveda (“I-yur-vay-dah”), literally life knowledge, is the holistic healing system of India. Come discover this ancient art and science of creating balance in the body and mind so that the body can heal itself.

Jan 20    Belinda Farrell, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT)
"Huna Healing / DNA Repatterning"

Experience healing secrets of the ancient Hawaiians when there was no mental illness on the Islands. You will go through a relationship resolution process to create a quantum leap in your DNA structure as ancient anger & fear melts away from the body.

Jan 27   Genevieve M. Vulser, Heaven on Earth
"Meet Your Angels!"

An Angel mediator and a spiritual teacher, Genevieve helps you reconnect with your Higher Self and meet your own Angels! Come and bring Joy, Harmony and Inner Peace into your life! Remember: LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!

Feb3    Damir Galiev, Instructor of Su Jok Therapy
"Introduction to Su Jok (Hand and Foot)"

Eliminate pain and suffering quickly without medications. This technique using only the hands and feet is easy to learn and requires only acupressure tools. Damir will give an overview and demonstration of the method. 

Feb 10   Anankha Chandler, Naturopath, CHT, author
"Mastering Your Internal Technology"

Anankha will familiarize you with your own incredible internal technology, what it is and how to use it consciously to manifest your dreams; tools to heal current unwanted manifestations.

Feb 17   Barbara Schneider, CCHT, Certified Feng Shui Consultant
"Feng Shui For Health and Prosperity"
Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schway) has to do with arranging your environment to enhance your life. Feng Shui works whether or not you know about it or believe in it. It’s all about energy flow.



Feb 24  Randy Peyser, author
"Become a Miracle Thinker"
Beyond setting intentions and offering gratitude, what does it take for miracles to unfold? Based on her upcoming book, Miracle Thinking, Randy offers the keys she’s learned that make up a miracle thinking mindset.

Mar 3    Ken Davison

"Introduction to Huna Kupua"
I will introduce you to an ancient Polynesian teaching of healing , knowledge, and power. Hawaiian shamans on the Island of Kauai have carried on the core of this teaching from generation to generation for thousands of years..

Mar 10  Renita Zies, Bio Energetic Practitioner
"What Is a Bio Energetic Evaluations?”"
I will explain what an EAV machine is, speak about Homotoxicology, and demonstrate my EAV machine to show how I establish a personalized detox program for each client.

Mar 17   Marcia A. Rosen, RN
"Dance of the Elements; a Rhythm of Time"
Come share the awesome joy of natural texture, color and design from Chakra stones gathered here from all parts of the world. Feel the Chi and spiritual resonance these great energetic healing tools can create.

Mar 24 Lawrence L. Hoppis, Master Herbalist, H.H.P
" Your Cellular Renewal"
Journey on a remarkable discovery of your body and health! Live blood practitioner, Larry brings the group on an exciting Inner Voyage through the holographic cellular layer and shares wonderful transformational healing insights

Mar 31 Karyn Rei DeTone, DVM RM
" One Heart Medicine" All life is connected. Learn simple techniques to tap into the full healing power of Divine Love through the intelligence of your own heart and your connection to all life

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