Oct., Nov., Dec. 2004

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Location: Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95129 ;
Every Thursday morning 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. $7.00

Oct 7   Dawn Shepard, CMT, CQI
"Dahn Yoga/Brain Respiration"
Ancient Dahn Yoga meridian exercises and meditative breathwork activates "ki" energy for self-healing for body-mind balance and re-habituation. Dawn Shepard has provided alternative health care since 1994 and teaches massage, yoga, and Qigong..

Oct 14   Annie Corbin, sound healing
"The Spirit & Healing of Sound & Music"

Rev. Anne is the music minister for the Center for Creative Living and sings with the Serendipity Choir. Her passion is music and loves sharing how she uses sound and music to sooth the spirit, reduces pain, and open one to healing. Come experience a morning of sound healing with this loving lady.

Oct 21   Joy Boyle and Li Xiu Mock, Spiritual researchers and authors
"Were You raised Graciously within Biology as a Cosmic Being?"

Our natural state-of-beins is to be perfect in timing within present space. How did we, as spontaneously happy children, become adults with the imperfect Timing within Space Syndrome? It's time to recover authentic Self!

Oct 28   Michael Dilts, owner, San Jose Book Shop; Bay Area Pagan Assemblies Newsletter; High Priest, Cylch Y Doethion, a local Wiccan Coven
"What Witches Do"

Halloween or Samhain is one of the most important holidays of Wicca, a modern religion based on the ancient traditions of pre-Christian Europe. Come participate in a seasonal Wiccan purification ritual.

Nov 4 James Platts, Certified Massage Therapist (CMT),
"Carpal Tunnel Stretches"

Simple, self-applied stretches easily reverse and end repetitive-use conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Explained. Demonstrated. Learn to self-apply. 

Nov 11 Joan Green, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Specialist in Space & Personal Clearings
"Energy: Leading Edge Space Clearing"

You are invited to participate in or to observe an experiential exploration of dynamic interactions between personal and environmental energies. We will explore how one disturbing energy affects individuals uniquely. Conclusion???




Nov 18   Elchanon,
"Believing Is Seeing"
Have you ever tried to change your mind, only to discover that your mind has a mind of its own? Elchanan, will describe our "two minds" and demonstrate psychological kinesiology, or PSYCH-K(tm), that allows us to transform, in minutes, subconscious beliefs that limit us, into beliefs that support us in creating the life we desire.s

No meeting. Happy Holiday!

Dec 2    Maxie Harper, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Starseed, Sacred Circle of the Marys

"Life Messages from Magdalena"
Magdalena made herself very present to me in July. I will share her messages o the upcoming US election, the "Magnetics" of male and female in co-creation, the truth about reincarnation, and other issues. I will hold open a channel for this presentation so that any questions may be asked. Visuals will be presented.

Dec 9  Raymond Francis, author, Never Be Sick Again
"How to Prevent and Reverse Aging"
Aging is inevitable but we can control the aging process. Come and learn: Why you age; How we get sick; How to become biologically younger; How to prevent and reverse almost all disease. Save thousands of dollars on personal healthcare costs.

Dec 16   Cynthia Marhoul Starr,
"Transforming Your Heart: Listening to Your Heart Speak"
What is it and how will you benefit? With over 20 years of being an Empath, Healer "Heart Speaker" Cynthia brings deep insight as she describes and demonstrates

Dec 23 No Meeting: Happy Holidays!

Dec 30 No Meeting: Happy New Year!



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