Jul., Aug., Sept. 2004

Your South Bay connection to fascinating presentations and a universe of wonderful people
Location: Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95129 ;
Every Thursday morning 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. $7.00

July 1 Tisha Regan and Doug Hackett, Founders, Dolphin\Spirit Hawaii; author, Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It
"Messages from the Masters"
Learn why and how Trish brings forth channeled wisdom, energy and sound transmissions from the Ascended Masters, Dolphins, Whales and Angels to assist in the unfolding expansion of soul essence and profound movement toward your next step on your spiritual path.

July 8 Katie and Rafael Aguirre,
"The Dr. Within (the immune system)"

This highly entertaining duo is back, educating with humor. There is a wonderful force within each human being whose dedicated purpose is to keep us well. We did not create it -- it is a gift. Our job is to nurture and support that power.

July 15 Jeff Miraflor, Master Energetic Healer
"Multiple-Self Healing System"

What is the world's fastest chakra balancing in the world? It peaks mental and physical energy. In 1 session it quickly releases and resolves of emotional trauma that normally takes years of therapy. Jeff will describe and demonstrate the technique he's developed.

July 22 Michele Marcell and Erika Pérez, Sensory Explorations
"Transforming Emotions with Energy"

This team will tell us what emotions are and aren't, how they serve us, how they won't and don’t. Learn about depression and anger: ideas on how to handle or transform them and how they serves us.

July 29 Karen Haughey, author, Angels, Guardians of the Light
"Louise L. Hayes’ personal healing and self awareness"!"

Learn about the world renowned Louise L. Hayes’ work and its empowering influence for our family, health, prosperity, esteem and much more. Karen will lead a positive interactive exercise from the "You Can Heal Your Life" experience.

Aug 5 Charles "Crowman" Hawkins, Modern Indian Shaman
"Why Vision Quest"

What is a Vision Quest? Why is it a life-changing experience? Hear Shaman Charles "Crowman" Hawkins, Ph.D. tell about the training: what to expect, what results he's seen, and why he recommends the White Buffalo Vision Quest in particular.

Aug 12 B. J .King, RScP
"The Wishing Wisdom Tree"
Learn an easy, fun technique to set goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and achieve success. B. J. shows us how to tap into The Creative Process to make our dreams come true. Bring your colored pens, crayons or markers.





Aug 19 Katy Dawson,
"Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Compassion"
How do we keep our hearts open when we hear challenging communications? How can we inspire compassion and a desire to connect when we make requests of others? Learn tools for heart-connected dialogue.

Aug 26 Yvonne Schwab, Certified Hypnotheripist
"Hypnotherapy for Optimal Health and Happiness"
Learn how to use hypnotherapy as a compliment to medical treatment, to accelerate healing, mitigate pain, and manage the emotional states that so often cause dis-ease. Group hypnosis session included.

Sept 2 Vicky Venter, Reflexologist, Social Worker
"Flotation: the 90 minute Vacation"
Trained in England, Vicky provides the details and practical information about Flotation: what’s the rage, origins, methods, concerns, benefits such that clients say they feel "6 inches taller".

Sept 9 Robin Lopez Lysne, Director, Center for the Soul, author, Dancing Up the Moon, and Living a Sacred Life
"Using Your Guides to Help you Heal"
Join Robin as she shares her Angels and Guides to support your healing process. Healing is connected to planetary peace, with the Spirit Guides leading the way to a better world. Learn how to apply it for to your life.

Sept 16 David Rideout, Estate & Financial Planner
"Financial Enlightenment"
The psychology and affects of money and getting out of debt.

Sept 23 Marleen Walmsley, ND [Special Time: 9:15-10:00]
"Energy Body Diagnosis and Clearing"
Dr. Marleen shows how to access the body’s infinite intelligence to determine cause of dis-ease, tells about using polarity, and instructs on a theta healing method to entering an altered state to access angelic/healer assistance from other dimensions.

Sept 30 Bobbie Winslow, RScP
"Words That Touch the Soul"
Acknowledge the Divine in others when you "Speak the Language of the Virtues". Virtues are inherent qualities that guide us to better life choices. See immediate results during an interactive exercise.



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