Jan., Feb., March 2004

Your South Bay connection to fascinating presentations and a universe of wonderful people
Location: Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95129 ;
Every Thursday morning 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. $7.00

Jan 1 -- New Year s Day -- no meeting

Jan 8 -- Laura Dunkerley, M.Div., Peace Counselor
"The Heart of Peace"
Would you like to have more peace in your life and in the world Laura offers spiritual teachings and practices that can be used to cultivate unshakable peace in every aspect of our lives.

Jan 15 -- AzraSimonetti, Health Realization Trainer
"The Wild, Wild Quest"
A fun-filled humorous look at the rocky road traveled looking for enlightenment. How the search ended and what amazing surprises waited at the end of the line.

Jan 22 -- Peter Warburton, Dowser
Dowsing for Self-Healing

We begin this talk with introductory techniques for beginning dowsers: clearing disharmonies and pains, negative emotions and trauma. We will conclude with advanced techniques for clearing disharmonies in the body, psyche, and DNA.

Jan 29 -- Mike Duggirala, Founder, AUMware Foundation
"Find and Experience Your Glorious SELF !"
I will introduce you to your Glorious SELF, the BIG picture, an Energy-Matter Model followed by Soul, Energy and Feeling. I will present an opportunity to tune in to Light Vibrational Energy (LVE) and experience IT in real-time. Take home some bliss (Ananda) today!

Feb 5 -- Louise Wen, Financial Educator & Coach
"Financial Health from the Inside Out"
Examine the role of money in your life and what you can do to increase your financial wellbeing.

Feb 12 -- Guy Harriman, Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Therapist
"Thiland and the Thai Massage"
A history of Lanna, the Kingdom of Northern Thailand, introducing the theory and practice of Thai Massage and its value in the west.

Feb 19 -- Dr. Charles Crowder, D.C.
"The ABC s of Muscle Testing"
Dr. Crowder will teach the uses and procedures to accurately perform muscle testing --The way the developers taught it. Then we will practice muscle testing, setting goals, making decisions, and selecting healthy foods for yourself



FEB 26  Neil Gladen, M.Div. ACHt. & 
Diane Gladen, M.S. ACHt, DD

“Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® and Breathwork”
We use a hypnotic state and regression to access the causes of symptoms and unhealthy life patterns. Revisiting early experiences in trance makes it possible to release repressed emotions or spiritual intrusions, create healing of their negative emotional and physiological effects, and discover the life patterns underlying behavior choices.  We also use breathwork as a means to help the client access subconscious healing needs.  We help the client retrieve any lost soul energy.

Mar 4     Bill Mundy, DD 
“Financial Abundance”
How to address blocks to our creating financial abundance.  Strategies and treatment to create financial abundance individually and as a group

Mar 11   B. J. King. RScP
“The Road to Success”
We will explore what blocks us from being successful, then look at what we can do to devise a new path to success. There will be a packet-workbook for each person.

Mar 18 -- Rossella Derickson, Principal of Corporate Wisdom
"Practicing Intuition"
Access to our intuitive capabilities is enhanced with daily practice. As you learn to intuit yourself with greater accuracy, you can better understand choices in your career, finances, and relationships. Come enjoy an opportunity to experience your own gifts!

Mar 25 --  Heather Shock, KCP & CMT
"Instant Emotional Clearing"
A new way of treating emotional stress has evolved utilizing the knowledge of acupuncture meridians. Learn the history of its development and experience this process for yourself. A great technique for self-help: effective, simple, fast and easy to learn

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